At 12:02 PM -0500 on 1/30/2001, you wrote:
>Here is another thought, could someone out there right a little app that would
>parse this data and get it into excel or FileMaker from the actual log file.
>Maybe it would go good with an Apple script that would do this once a night.
>FileMaker can handle applescript fairly well.
>I would think this would be fairly easy since the data from the log file is in
>the same format every time. The parser could look for a certain phrase then
>strip the data following (user name and amount of data, date whatever) Then an
>applescript could import that file into a FileMaker database that 
>you could sort
>according to whatever criteria you want. It would be an extra app that would
>have to be on the machine but it sure would be handy.
>Anyone have the expertise to build something like this??  I could handle the
>applescript and the FMP database (as are a lot of you probably) but 
>I'm not good
>at writing code. I'd be glad to team up with someone.
>matt barkdull wrote:
>>  Ok, here's a feature request that I've been looking around in Retrospect...
>>  An easy way to find out how much was backed up off of a certain
>>  client without having to add up all the backup numbers in the log.
>>  Meaning, a week ago I started a new backup.   It did a full backup
>>  over the weekend and then incrementals every night.
>>  After wading through the log,  I was able to add up the first backup
>>  of one client along with the 5 incrementals and get the total backed
>>  up from that client.
>>  I'd like to see charting and such.   Something that will make graphs
>>  would be nice, but if it just pumped out raw numbers that I could
>>  move into Excel that would be good too.
>  > What would I like to see?   A raw format of:

Unless I'm missing something, you can do this using the Retrospect 
Event Handler and the FMP template that is included with Retrospect.

The event handler passes most of the relevant raw data to the the FMP 
database, and then you can have the database massage the data into 
whatever fashion you want. The only issue I've run into appears to be 
a discrepancy between the MB/s reported in the log and the MB/s 
calculated from the database data. Since I just use the database to 
rack growth trends, it's never been a big enough issue for me to 
reconcile (could just be that I can't 2 + 2 properly :) ).

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