I agree with you TOTALLY, Scott!  What're our options?  Single-users
have simpler needs than those using networks; in this light, what
Retrospect scenarios should WE be considering?  I have a G4/400/9.0.4
with 2 internal hard drives with 9 partitions between them.  What's
really the BEST way for me to back these up -- not just how often, but
what strategies should I be considering, including how can I go about
automating the process?

Because I back up to an external SCSI HD, I'm apparently unable to use a
Script with Retrospect!  I've got Retrospect 4.3, the full version (not
Lite).  Is there ANY way I can get around this?  I've written some
simple AppleScripts for other apps, and have modified ready-made ones to
my needs, but am really less than a neophyte with this kind of scripting
-- BUT I CAN TEACH MYSELF if I knew precisely WHAT I needed to learn --
I'm not unfamiliar with programming.

What backup strategies might I benefit from considering, and where can I
find them?
What can I do to work around the no-script-for-externals limitation? 
Ideally, I want to click ONE icon and have all the partitions backed up
-- is this possible?

TIA for your assistance,

     - ilyes

"Scott Dunn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 >   Subject: RE: Retro Server 5 on NT 4

 > These are the kind of tips I would hope to see on the Dantz website, too.
> Providing a backup solution should be more than just providing the software
> and the hardware.  Demonstrating effective recovery options for a variety of
> situations and platforms on the website will only add value to the software
> for the user.

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