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the folder any more, it's available on our website:


Irena Solomon
> If I downloaded my copy of Retrospect, where would I find this guide?
> Subject: Re: Retro Server 5 on NT 4
> Full instructions for doing an Emergency Restore start on page 114 of the
> Retrospect for Windows User's Guide. You may also select "Prepare for
> Emergency Restore" from the Window menu in Retrospect; this will list what
> you will need to restore and allow you to print full Emergency Restore
> instructions.
> Searching for "Windows Restore" in our knowledgebase now also returns these
> instructions, as well as several platform-specific notes.
> Regards,
> Irena Solomon
> Dantz Technical Support
> 925.253.3050
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> Try our Searchable Knowledgebase at:
>> These are the kind of tips I would hope to see on the Dantz website, too.
>> Providing a backup solution should be more than just providing the
> software
>> and the hardware.  Demonstrating effective recovery options for a variety
> of
>> situations and platforms on the website will only add value to the
> software
>> for the user.
>> Thanks for your response, Malcolm.  I will be updating our recovery
>> procedures to reflect your suggestions.
>>> Hi Scott,
>>> on 30/1/01 2:18 AM, Scott Dunn at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>> Wow.  I never thought of that.  Temporary directories sound like they
> will
>>>> save my butt.  Brilliant response!
>>>> Would I use temp directories with win95/98?
>>> Absolutely!
>>> When faced with this situation with normal user PCs running
>>> Win9x I just
>>> format the disk, do a minimum OS install and then the
>>> Retrospect Client ...
>>> all in a temp directory.  Reboot, add the client to the
>>> server and restore
>>> over the network.
>>> In preparation for this situation I setup one Win9x machine
>>> the way I want
>>> it then do a full backup.  I can then use this backup to configure new
>>> machines or fix broken ones.
>>> Other people ghost one disk onto another or even a CD-R, but
>>> I find using
>>> Retrospect over the network more convenient.  In an office
>>> which has several
>>> hardware configurations it tends to be simpler with
>>> Retrospect to just do a
>>> full backup BEFORE letting users use the machine so the "as supplied"
>>> configuration can be re-applied when necessary.
>>> Cheers,  Malcolm

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