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> I'm trying to understand something. Can you tell me *why* you want to
> perform a complete backup every night? Why not incrementals?

I have a similar situation ... not as much data, but I do do a full backups
to tape every night.  My source is a FileMaker Pro Server ... the database
tables are quite large and incrementals are pointless because every file
changes every day.

As my client wants the database backed up to tape every night and sometimes
forgets to change the tape in the drive, I always recycle to whatever tape
is there.  Tape management is manual process (i.e. cycled to the fire-proof
safe for the week with other weeks off site), but in this case the backup is
for disaster recovery, not retrieving a particular file.  Being a relational
database system you can't just recover part of it.

Before the tape backup, FileMaker Server pauses and makes a copy of the
files in a directory which Retrospect backs up.

This is my "excuse" or justification ... is there a better way?

The above is just one of the backup scripts used on this site.  Other
scripts backup shares on a Cobalt Qube and these are incrementals to a large
disk in the backup server (and monthly to CD-R/RW)

Cheers,  Malcolm

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