At 9:21 AM -0800 3/8/01, Craig Gaevert wrote:

>And after having lost drives (this has
>happened 2 times) within days of having no backup I will not 
>tolerate more than 1 day
>w/o a complete backup. I gave up and went to a single script that 
>uses a different tape
>each day, completely replacing the contents, along with a monthly 
>archive backup.  Now
>this was about two years ago. And yes, I too, have several large FMP 
>files that need

I am probably in the minority here with my situation, but I feel I 
just have to speak up. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone.

Here at my workplace, we have a standard configuration that we 
implement. Sure, there are a number of folk (mostly our publications 
staff) that deviate from the standard, but not enough that we need 
more than one image that includes all the applications on a typical 
user's box.

I create an image of the drive and using Apple Software Restore, I 
can replace a user's drive, should it crash, in about 10 minutes. 
Then it's just a matter of replacing the user's Documents folder and 
bookmark files, which are backed up nightly using incrementals.

All in all, it takes me about a half-hour to completely restore a 
user after a crash, more if I have to re-install other applications 
(such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. that our Pubs folk use).

Every one of our users is told when they start, and they get frequent 
reminders, that nothing not in the Documents folder (save their 
bookmarks) gets backed up. We keep the Documents folder on the 
desktop so they can get to it easily, and remind them to make aliases 
instead of putting files/folders on the desktop.

Our servers do not follow this regimen, though they probably should. 
Maybe when I do the next upgrade...have a basic OS for the image, and 
the apps can be re-installed fairly easily, or have OS & apps each in 
their own image.

Do most people who use Retrospect not have a standard config that 
they can rebuild from, in case of a crash? I know you can also use 
Retrospect in this regard, but I personally find it easier using ASR. 
If we were using Windows machines, I'd buy a copy of Ghost and do the 
same thing.

Or do most of you back up the whole drive each night, because each 
drive is different and there are no standards? Or something else?

I'm just curious, I guess, and puzzled. Of course, my Windows box at 
home doesn't have a standard config nor does it get backed up 
(yipe!), but I'm planning on backing everything up this weekend and 
starting over from scratch anyway. And maybe I can put backup 
software on the Christmas list this year. :)

Julia Frizzell
"Insert pithy quote here."

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