On 3/8/2001 1:07 PM, "Julia Frizzell" wrote:

> Every one of our users is told when they start, and they get frequent
> reminders, that nothing not in the Documents folder (save their
> bookmarks) gets backed up. We keep the Documents folder on the
> desktop so they can get to it easily, and remind them to make aliases
> instead of putting files/folders on the desktop.


Seems to me that this is all a matter of how the IT is structured and who
has ownership and control over data. If the goal is for IT to design and
determine how users can and should work, then your setup works fine
(assuming, of course, that everyone saves everything to the designated

If, on the other hand, users work in a way that gives them freedom to be
comfortable in their work environment (therefore, more productive) then your
method isn't as effective. I had a client who was determined to have IT own
the workflow and have all documents, etc. reside on the servers. I
questioned this logic but I never really got an answer as to how they were
going to handle it when the their boss lost data because he just couldn't
figure out how to navigate the servers to save his stuff or because he just
got back from a 3 week business trip and hadn't had time to move his things
to the server yet. Frankly, if a missed deadline caused by lost data costs
the company a $x-million fine then something is wrong in the IT

Obviously, you can see where my preference for user support lies...strongly.
I believe that IT is there to *support* our users, not to tell them how to
best do their job. Therefore, I vote HUGELY in favor of backing up desktops
as well as servers. One can never be too protected.

Whew, quite a rant that was. Think I'll go out for a walk.



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