For the Macs, I made a bootable CD with Retrospect client installed 
and configured.

1. Boot from CD
2. format the hard disk,
3. Restore from network backup
4. Reboot system...Done.

Depending on how much data, it can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours. 
I just can't push that tape any faster...  :)

Notes on the Bootable CDs:

I have 4 different types of Macs.

B&W G3
G3 Powerbook (firewire)
7600-9600 series

I had to create 3 CD's
1 for the B&W G3
1 for the G4
1 for the Powerbooks and 7600-9600's

For some reason I cannot get a universal system built that will boot 
on all of them.

I installed Retrospect client and configured all the TCP/IP settings 
to a standard single IP number that I have reserved for restores.

Some of the WinTel's, I've been able to create a boot ZIP disk for 
and install the Retro-Client on it.  It works, but only for certain 

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