I use the same basic setup.  Its easier to restore only the docs and 
prefs to the disk after you have restored everything else with an 
image.  (I made a an image of a bootable CD and replaced the TCP/IP 
pref with our support IP address.  That way I have IP access to the 
server, not slow appletalk.  Its worth the effort!!!!).

>At 9:21 AM -0800 3/8/01, Craig Gaevert wrote:
>>And after having lost drives (this has
>>happened 2 times) within days of having no backup I will not 
>>tolerate more than 1 day
>>w/o a complete backup. I gave up and went to a single script that 
>>uses a different tape
>>each day, completely replacing the contents, along with a monthly 
>>archive backup.  Now
>>this was about two years ago. And yes, I too, have several large 
>>FMP files that need
>I am probably in the minority here with my situation, but I feel I 
>just have to speak up. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone.
>Here at my workplace, we have a standard configuration that we 
>implement. Sure, there are a number of folk (mostly our publications 
>staff) that deviate from the standard, but not enough that we need 
>more than one image that includes all the applications on a typical 
>user's box.
>I create an image of the drive and using Apple Software Restore, I 
>can replace a user's drive, should it crash, in about 10 minutes. 
>Then it's just a matter of replacing the user's Documents folder and 
>bookmark files, which are backed up nightly using incrementals.
>All in all, it takes me about a half-hour to completely restore a 
>user after a crash, more if I have to re-install other applications 
>(such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. that our Pubs folk use).
>Every one of our users is told when they start, and they get 
>frequent reminders, that nothing not in the Documents folder (save 
>their bookmarks) gets backed up. We keep the Documents folder on the 
>desktop so they can get to it easily, and remind them to make 
>aliases instead of putting files/folders on the desktop.
>Our servers do not follow this regimen, though they probably should. 
>Maybe when I do the next upgrade...have a basic OS for the image, 
>and the apps can be re-installed fairly easily, or have OS & apps 
>each in their own image.
>Do most people who use Retrospect not have a standard config that 
>they can rebuild from, in case of a crash? I know you can also use 
>Retrospect in this regard, but I personally find it easier using 
>ASR. If we were using Windows machines, I'd buy a copy of Ghost and 
>do the same thing.
>Or do most of you back up the whole drive each night, because each 
>drive is different and there are no standards? Or something else?
>I'm just curious, I guess, and puzzled. Of course, my Windows box at 
>home doesn't have a standard config nor does it get backed up 
>(yipe!), but I'm planning on backing everything up this weekend and 
>starting over from scratch anyway. And maybe I can put backup 
>software on the Christmas list this year. :)
>Julia Frizzell
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