On 3/7/2001 6:34 PM, "John Martinez" wrote:

> Eric,
> I don't have that much data and I don't want to go searching for the last
> full and merge with an incremental. Several of these tapes will be rotating
> offsite and archived.
> J


I'm confused by your "merging" comment. There is no merging with Retrospect.
If you're talking about multiple tape restores, it's designed in a way that
allows you to do single pass restores which is a time saver. And if you're
reusing the tapes anyhow at each rotation, incrementals let you add the few
changed files to the original backup, saving you time and money.

Eric - is there a really good, down-to-earth, layman's terms explanation of
IncrementalPlus lying around somewhere? Sounds like it's time for a note on
how it works, why it's so functional, and how it makes our lives easier. I'd
do it myself but why reinvent the wheel? I'm sure you have a ready-made
"tutorial" somewhere around there, no? :-)


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