> Eric - is there a really good, down-to-earth, layman's terms explanation of
> IncrementalPlus lying around somewhere? Sounds like it's time for a note on
> how it works, why it's so functional, and how it makes our lives easier. I'd
> do it myself but why reinvent the wheel? I'm sure you have a ready-made
> "tutorial" somewhere around there, no? :-)

Reading between the lines I suspect that one or both of these folks are
trying to apply the typical Win/DOS backup tape operation to Retrospect.
Over the years I've discovered you have to talk about how low end PC
backup programs which use the archive bit to know what's changed and
erase all of that from their head before they begin to understand how
Retrospect works. And until that happens their setup, usage, and results
will be a mess.

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