On Oct 16, 2009, at 3:55, Christian Hammond wrote:

> Is it literally /logs? Whatever directory you specify must exist  
> and be writable by the web server. It will also likely take a  
> server restart for logging to kick in.

Well, the rb-site script created a logs directory at the same level  
as conf, htdocs, and tmp.  In the Admin interface, under Settings/ 
Logging, I have checked the "Enable logging" checkbox and restarted  
the server.  I left the Log directory text box blank assuming it  
would pick the default logs directory, but maybe that is not the  
case.  The directory is definitely writable by the apache user, but I  
am unsure what I need to put in the text box to make this work.  Is  
the path relative to the RB site or the apache  DocumentRoot or  
something else?


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