On Oct 14, 2009, at 5:34, Christian Hammond wrote:

> You should be able to add a user without them having an account yet  
> if you type their username in the reviewers field, but aside from  
> that, there's no mechanism for auto-importing every user from  
> Active Directory. This is sort of annoying, but it's just a first- 
> time annoyance as people migrate over to it. If you do type the  
> username in the reviewers field, though, it should work for you. It  
> just won't be able to auto-complete.

It's not working for me.  If I enter the username of someone who has  
not yet logged in to RB at least once in the People field and hit OK,  
the screen flashes and the fields remains empty.  I can only add  
users that have logged in at least once.  Maybe there is an error but  
I can't see it and my logs directory is empty.

> As for auto-completion based on IDs, this is a limitation in 1.0.x,  
> but the upcoming 1.1 will search the first and last name as well.  
> So, if you start typing, say, "Chr," then my name would appear in  
> the list. Same with "chip" or "Ham."

Great, being able to use names would be much better than user IDs.

> We don't integrate with groups from Active Directory or any other  
> group. This is, honestly, the first time this has been brought up,  
> so there hasn't been any discussion on it. However, I don't really  
> know that too many organizations would be able to take advantage of  
> it, and it would be specific to LDAP and AD backends. Usually the  
> request is to map groups to mailing lists, since that tends to be a  
> common 1:1 mapping.

That would be very nice too.  Speaking of email, is there a way to  
configure RB to send out email whenever a review is published or  

Thanks for the great product and all the help on this list,

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