Hi Nitin,

There are some instructions in the documentation on setting up Review
Board for ClearCase which you should start with, as well as various
threads you can search for in the mailing list. However, I'd recommend
you find someone who is comfortable with ClearCase and cleartool to
set it up. The process is not as smooth or flexible as with other VCS.
ClearCase does not fit well into the Review Board model and though
there seem to be a number of users out there, I haven't seen a lot of
feedback on how well it works for them.


On Dec 15, 3:06 am, Nitin GUpta <nit...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My company is using Clear Case for repository, I have very little
> understanding of clearcase. While searching i found that clearcase
> could be supported by Review Board. So we installed Review Board. But
> unable to configure the clearcase settings.
> Could anyone of you please help me to setup Review Board for Clearcase.

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