Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded rbtools 0.2 stable from, made my changes to, and reinstalled the package using "python
install" at the rbtool root.

In I changed the "svn diff --diff-cmd=diff" to "svn diff
--diff-cmd=C:\\diffForceText.bat" and recompiled. I create the wrapper
script "diffForceText.bat" to simply include:

@echo off
diff %* --text

Which forwards all calls into GNU diff but forces the --text param.
This overcomes my binary file being text diffed and returning exit
code 2 to SVN diff.

I now have a fully working ReviewBoard + Windows + TFS repo solution
for my org and it is blowing minds and melting faces. I will post how
I got TFS to work as it was not very straight forward.


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