Spoke too soon. Although the list of revisions is now getting
populated, when selection one of the check-boxes and clicking the
'Create' button, it comes back with 'Select a valid choice. 1880 is not
one of the available choices.' however manually entering revision 1880
in the text box does create the review correctly. 



Wed, 11 May 2011 23:45:17 +0100, Rob Coward wrote: 

> Ignore me -
further code inspection led me to realise that my reviewboard userid
wasnt the same user that had done the subversion checkin. On changing my
reviewboard userid to match, the button now populates a nice list of
> Great job. 
> Now to convince the team at work that
this is a worth while package to start using. Lets hope this
functionality makes it into the main code soon. 
> Rob

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