'Select a valid choice. 1880 is not one of the available choices.'
This sounds like validatation error of the MultipleChoiceField. If
this is true I'm very surprised because I explicitly disabled
validation by using a specialized version of MultipleChoiceField:

class MultiChoiceWithoutValidation(forms.MultipleChoiceField):
    def validate(self, value):
        # Choices are created dynamically and cannot be validated

We ran never into this problem on our side. Any ideas?

Best regards,

On May 12, 12:52 am, Rob Coward <r...@jive-videos.net> wrote:
> Spoke too soon. Although the list of revisions is now getting
> populated, when selection one of the check-boxes and clicking the
> 'Create' button, it comes back with 'Select a valid choice. 1880 is not
> one of the available choices.' however manually entering revision 1880
> in the text box does create the review correctly.
> Regards,
> Rob
> On
> Wed, 11 May 2011 23:45:17 +0100, Rob Coward wrote:
> > Ignore me -
> further code inspection led me to realise that my reviewboard userid
> wasnt the same user that had done the subversion checkin. On changing my
> reviewboard userid to match, the button now populates a nice list of
> revisions.
> > Great job.
> > Now to convince the team at work that
> this is a worth while package to start using. Lets hope this
> functionality makes it into the main code soon.
> > Rob

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