one more attachment of hgrc, thanks.


2013/5/28 jimmy jiang <>

> Christian,
>> As below info, thanks,
>> 1) RB version
>> v1.7.6
>> 2) Version of bzr on the server
>> i use ubuntu linux v12, mercurial version v2.2.2.
>> Does bzy means bug tracker? no bug tracker set for me.
>> 3) The full traceback and related reviewboard.log entries for this error
>> pls refer to the attached reviewboard.log, the last in which is the
>> exception info in ./reviewboard/scmtool/
>> the source file also attached.
>> 4) The command line you're using for generating the diff
>> => cmd line:    post-review -d -p -r 8 -diff-filename=/home/jimmy/a1.patch
>> the a1.patch also attached.
>> and also 2 cfg files in working dir attached: hgrc and .reviewboardrc
>> 4) Ideally, a diff you can show me that reproduces this problem

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