Hi again David.

Well my company have finally upgraded to TFS 2015 (but not Update 1 yet), 
so this is what I've done:

   - Upgraded ReviewBoard to version 2.5.3
   - Upgraded Review Board Power Pack to version 1.4
   - Obtained a new trial licence and activated PowerPack
   - Successfully added my new "Team foundation Server" repository (this is 
   where I was stopped the last time)

But now what?
When I go to create a new review, and select my TFS repository it is asking 
me to upload a file?  The documentation does not help here on what this 
file is and how do I get/create it.
Is this file a TFS Shelveset or some kind of diff/patch file? What is the 
process for creating the file etc.? What tools, if any, are required to 
create it etc.?

Any guidance and/or examples greatly appreciated.



On Thursday, 21 May 2015 14:26:47 UTC+1, Cormick Nugent wrote:
> Wow, thank you David. Appreciate sorting the license.
> Cormick.
> On Wednesday, 20 May 2015 19:49:13 UTC+1, David Trowbridge wrote:
>> Cormick,
>> That's definitely an oversight, and I'll be fixing up the documentation 
>> ASAP. In the meantime I'll clear your existing license out of the system so 
>> you can request a new trial when you do upgrade to 2013.
>> -David

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