Hi Cormick,

My apologies for the trouble and the delay in getting back to you with an

Try running the following:

    $ sudo rb-site manage /path/to/site registerscmtools

That should work around the issue of this not showing up.


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On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 4:57 AM, Cormick Nugent <cormicknug...@gmail.com>

> Hi All.
> It is great to see Power Pack 1.2 add official support for Microsoft Team
> Foundation Server repositories and I have been attempting to get this to
> work for a few hours now with no success.
> I am on version 2.0.15 of Review Board and have Power Pack 1.3 installed
> running on Ubuntu 12.04.5.
> I did not see any errors listed when installing the Power Pack and had no
> issues enabling it and getting the trial licence. it does seem to be
> running correctly and I can see the new reports and they show up fine.
> What I do not see is where to select TSVC (or similar) as a Hosting
> Service or Repository Type.
> I can only assume I am missing some sort of dependency or configuration
> step.
> Does anyone have any more detail on how to set up Team Foundation Server
> source control (not GIT)?
> Thanks.
> On Tuesday, 24 February 2015 18:46:06 UTC, Christian Hammond wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> We've released a major update to Power Pack, our set of premium features
>> for Review Board offering reporting, PDF document review, GitHub Enterprise
>> support, and more.
>> https://www.reviewboard.org/news/2015/02/23/power-pack-1-2/
>> Power Pack 1.2 adds official support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server
>> repositories. Combined with RBTools 0.7, it's now easy to post changes
>> against TFVC repositories (Git will come in a future update), without
>> resorting to SVN bridges or other workarounds.
>> There are also major improvements to the licensing. Previously, a license
>> had to be purchased for the entire server, but now you can purchase a
>> license that will cover just the select number of users you need. Licenses
>> can be upgraded at any time by reaching out to us. We'll be introducing a
>> self-managed licensing portal soon, to make it even easier to
>> upgrade/downgrade your license.
>> One last bonus: If you manage a Review Board server, you can now get
>> Power Pack for free for up to 2 users. Simply download a 30 day trial
>> license, and once the 30 days are up, the license will convert to a full
>> lifetime license covering any 2 users you choose. This license is good for
>> all future updates to Power Pack. If you're a small team, or have only a
>> couple people that need reporting or another feature, then you'll be able
>> to benefit from Power Pack at no cost. See
>> https://www.reviewboard.org/powerpack/2-free-forever/ for more
>> information.
>> Christian
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