Gary G. wrote:
> So the more I look at this problem, the easier path seems to be simply
> downloading a tutorial on python, spend a week learning the language,
> and writing the utility myself.
> Figure with having to learn the API and system calls and researching
> the file formats (I know sweet-f***-all about XML documents) I should
> have something up and running within a week or two and fully debugged
> and free to release under GNU license within a month at the outside.
> At least it'll be useful to everyone else who struggles along sequencing
> $2000 synths with basic General MIDI patches.
> For a seasoned python or perl script writer this would be an evening's
> work at most, but like I said, I haven't coded in 25 years, so if no one
> else is willing to do it I guess I'll start printing up the necessary
> research material and kludge something together when I have the time.
> Even with all that, it will STILL be easier than reformatting the crap
> in a spreadsheet and make RGD creation in the future a pleasure rather
> than having one's wisdom teeth extracted anally like it is today. :D
> Wish me luck and if anyone with more "skilz" than I gotz wants to take
> this off my hands by all means feel free.  I won't be insulted. :D
> btw, here's the tech spec for the Cakewalk INS Format:

Sounds like a good idea, I would do it in Perl if I was doing it, since I have
decent Perl knowledge and no Python knowledge and Perl is the perfect language
for text file manipulation, but right now I neither have the time nor the need
for a script like this (currently I don't even have the time to use Rosegarden
much. :-( ).

I think it would take more than an evening though, even to a seasoned script

Good luck!

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