Gary G. <happyrat1@...> writes:

> Perhaps some genius script programmer out there could write a conversion
> utility that converts Cakewalk/Sonar INS files into RGDs?  

> Such a utility would allow instant access to a library of thousands of
> MIDI instruments and save us all the mind numbing task of entering 
> thousands of parameters by hand. 

It looks like 7 years ago the developers of Rosegarden had indeed been
developing such a script.

A fellow by the name of Pedro Lopez-Cabanillos was working on exactly this
problem with a perl script called  Somehow it seems the project
simply vanished or lost interest.

Here's one of the threads regarding this.

And here's the only working link I could find to any actual version of
the script.

I've run a few tests and so far it doesn't seem to be producing the required
output, however, I'll play around with it for a bit and see if I can get it to
work.  The comments mention some hard coded variables that may have to be
changed to get it to work properly.

Here's a few links I've found on the Cakewalk INS definitions format.

If any perl wizards out there want to take a look at the code and can point 
out any obvious errors or potential fixes for the script, then by all means 
please shout them out in here.

At any rate, the perl code looks much simpler and easier to follow than the
python script that seems to be the official solution these days.

Once again, if there are any perl wizards out there who can help with this,
the more the merrier...


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