Andy <andy-nntp23@...> writes:

> > btw, here's the tech spec for the Cakewalk INS Format:
> > 
> >
> Sounds like a good idea, I would do it in Perl if I was doing it, since I have
> decent Perl knowledge and no Python knowledge and Perl is the perfect language
> for text file manipulation, but right now I neither have the time nor the need
> for a script like this (currently I don't even have the time to use Rosegarden
> much.  ).
> I think it would take more than an evening though, even to a seasoned script
> writer.
> Good luck!

The thing is, there's an existing python script called that I can
simply modify. Basically I won't even have to touch the I/O routines and simply
have to change or add a few lines to the parser.

With any luck I might have it working by next weekend.  Barring any major snags
in format.  One thing I've already noticed is that RGD files are rar compressed
and the script doesn't seem to call in any archivers, so I'm sort of
wondering if it even works as intended to begin with.

Anyway, lots of research ahead of me, so I'll post it up here once I have
something working :)


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