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I think it *is* also worth mentioning that different CPU 'monitoring' tools provide different results:

   Absolutely.  Which is why I mentioned "top" specifically.

I prefer htop.

I do have a laptop with Intel's so-called 'hyperthreading' and was reading that readings about CPU usage etc. can be quite weird in this case..

  As a rule of thumb, a HT logical core is like having an additional 15% of a full physical core.  Or for a 2 physical HT core, 4 logical core CPU you've got about 2.3 CPUs.  I'm pretty sure "top" reports a total of 400% CPU with all four logical cores in use.  Windows Task Manager reports a total of 100% for all four.  So a maxed out core in Windows looks like 25% on a four logical core machine.

  So, yeah, it's a mess.  I've spent a lot of time working with these numbers.  You get used to them.

Here on Debian Testing + KXStudio, Yoshimi v1.6.0 idles with anywhere from 0.7-2.6% CPU use according to htop. (Of course, when I first went to start it up, it crashed reporting that my yoshimi.config file wasn't XML. So I removed the existing file and started it, it worked fine and ran with the CPU % indicated above. After I exited it and restarted it, it again complained about its config file no longer being XML. Silly Yoshimi.)

Zyn 3.0.4 started up with no problems and idles with about the same CPU percentages as Yoshimi did.

Tested again using top and got the same results.

I don't know what your system is doing that mine's not, but I'm not seeing heavy CPU use from either when idling.

I also have Ubuntu 18.04.1 + KXStudio installed on this laptop, but didn't try testing anything there.

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