On November 22, 2019 10:59:42 AM HST, Ted Felix <t...@tedfelix.com> wrote:
>On 11/20/19 10:56 AM, Will Godfrey wrote:
>> There was one thing that grabbed my attention. That was when you say
>> Zyn uses a lot of CPU when idling.
>> I very much doubt that.
> I'm looking right at it.  I see an idling fluidsynth using 1%, jackd 
> (which is never idling) using 2%, and an idling zynaddsubfx (3.0.3) 
> using 35% cpu.

Hmm, that Zyn using its new GUI?

>   Yoshimi 1.5.6 uses 20% cpu when idling.

Have never noticed Yoshi's CPU use.

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