On November 25, 2019 9:09:22 PM HST, "D. Michael McIntyre" 
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>On 11/26/19 12:07 AM, Ted Felix wrote:
>> easier to see.  This is how I was able to improve rg performance 
>> significantly.
>Just to jump in here randomly...  Ted, you really impressed me with how
>much you did improve performance, with so little downside it's kind of 
>ridiculous.  You, sir, are truly a shining example of your craft, and I
>nod to you out of deep respect.
>Also, I haven't gotten on it yet at all, but I am kind of casually 
>meandering toward tackling the 4k challenge, and I will probably diddle
>the GUI before the end of 2020.

That would be nice since I plan to be receiving a machine with such a display 

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