On 12/03/20 04:43, Ted Felix wrote:
  Just wondering why folks want LV2 support.  Not that I'll ever get to it, but some justification will help focus the effort.  Thanks.

Quick answer would be: upgrade DSSI/LADSPA support as LV2 is now the 'de facto' plugin standard on linux (and for most FLOSS plugins). But, do we still want to pursue plugin support?

Longer and somewhat over-reaching answer(s).

So there's another angle: making Rosegarden 'self-contained'. Personally I'm quite happy with set-ups like the one Will describes with Yoshimi, essentially Rosegarden as a 'pure' sequencer connected (via alsa-midi) to other stuff. On the other hand there _are_ use cases where users would like to be able to do all of their music production within Rosegarden and currently having just DSSI is pretty limiting.

Now, as we know adding LV2 support, if ever, will not really make Rosegarden truly 'self-contained', because from the user's point of view there is still no ability or to 'render' rosegarden projects (i.e. like users can do in example in Qtractor or LMMS or Ardour). Which means if LV2 is supported but then you neet to 'record' the output we might as well just work (for example) with a host like Carla and then use that and concentrate on more sequencer features.

So I think there are 2 routes:
1. Radical sequencer, linux philosophy approach (one tool for one task, in this case sequencing):
        - Ditch or put in low priority any plugin support
        - Concentrate on sequencer-related bugs, features, improvements etc.
        - Improve documentation / tutorials on how to use this approach at best
2. The 'DAW' approach:
- Rendering support (learn how Qtractor does it as it also is alsa-midi only and using Qt to be practical)
        - LV2 support (at least, maybe even Linux VST)
        - Add more DAW (i.e. audio features)

Finally, I had the (probably wrong, but someone correct me / amend this) assumption that 1. and 2. could somewhat be reconciled by adding jack-midi support. Why? I thought if we had jack-midi we could effectively use jack freewheel to 'render' quickly (that's what ardour does internally): turns out this might not be as easy.


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