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I'm definitely not in the professional league!

I use Rosegarden for making scores and recordings of those songs. I
usually use the DSSI plugin to interface with fluidsynth.

My experience with RG and Yoshimi hasn't been good. Way too often, I get
a voice/setup I want in Yoshimi, point RG at it, and RG insists on using
Yoshimi's default first standard instrument. I have to go back into
Yoshimi and set it up again, then it works. Until the next time I open
the RG project ...
This looks like Rosegarden is defaulting to General Midi and sending a reset,
which Yoshimi of course obeys.

I have my Rosegarden default file set up with:
Manage MIDI Devices->MIDI Playback set to a new entry 'Yoshimi'
I then set the track channels to that.

How do you do that?

David W. Jones
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