Chiming in as well,

There's a few points I've read in this list that I wanted to respond to.

1. nobody uses rosegarden for audio - I actually have, and do, several songs have even been released on some albums of mine recorded this way. Sure, it's not the most fully featured for audio, but I've made it work. Also when using midi hardware with Rosegarden, it's great to be able to pipe the audio back into the project and record as a way to 'freeze' the track.

2. audio plugins useless for midi - I don't agree here either, because of the reasons above, and many times I will use audio reverbs, delays, ect... on midi instruments if they're available.

3. Everyone uses Ardour - I don't think so. Myself and many others don't really care for it's UI and don't even see it as one of the top 3 options in Linux. I prefer, Reaper, Qtractor, and Rosegarden.

4. Lastly, LV2 - Well personally I think LinuxVST would be a far better way to go if anything, but since VST is a Steinberg tech, maybe you guys wouldn't want to go that way. LV2, is a good second choice. I never use DSSI except occasionally Hexter.



On 3/13/20 7:26 AM, wrote:
Hi all,

Just my two cents.  We use Rosegarden regularly for the creation of video,
game, and museum display, soundtracks.

We don't use LV2 plugins, and very seldom use any plugins at all.

I, personally, would prefer if Rosegarden interfaced better with Jack/MIDI
and the like as most of the synthesis we do is on other machines, often
using NETJACK in one form or another.  Work arounds exist, but they are
cumbersome and annoying.

I'm sorry that I don't contribute as much technically, and otherwise, to
the project than I used to, but my company is still a heavy Rosegarden
user and we can contribute significant resources if need be.

Best regards,

Richard A. Marschall, Ph.D.
Director, Engineering
Marschall Acoustics Instruments P/L

On 3/11/20 11:43 PM, Ted Felix wrote:
    Just wondering why folks want LV2 support.  Not that I'll ever get
it, but some justification will help focus the effort.  Thanks.
I've been ignoring the issue for quite a few years, but I spent some
time today looking at what lv2 is, what plugins are out there, what
supports them, etc., and I have to say I wouldn't mind trying some of
those out.

One of the biggest problems I can imagine is that lv2 can be the
equivalent of either LADSPA or DSSI, or maybe even both in one (I didn't
dive that deeply). Chris Cannam was one of the original creators of
DSSI, and Rosegarden was one of the original hosts. There's a pretty
clear divide between "audio plugin" and "synth plugin" in Rosegarden,
although under the hood they do have significant redundancy, if not
actual overlap (and I'm not sure which, as I haven't been in that code
in eons). That might make things tricky.

Finally, there's the real question of who would use it. Synth plugins
are arguably useful to Rosegarden users, but audio plugins are pretty
irrelevant except in connection with synth plugins. Nobody uses the
audio features. I would have tried if I had been able to get my audio
rack to work with Linux, but I would have ended up having to use
something more robust myself. Rosegarden is missing a lot of
functionality, and the Linux audio community is totally dominated by
Ardour, so even if we built it, nobody would use it. If we were doing
Rosegarden from scratch, there would just be no point in including audio
features at all.

So I come down as kind of meh on the whole thing. It would be neat to
play with if it doesn't require massive investment of effort on your
part, but the reality is you're probably going to see really limited
returns from the community. If you build it, they might come, or they
might just yawn.

D. Michael McIntyre

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