I'm definitely not in the professional league!

I use Rosegarden for making scores and recordings of those songs. I usually use the DSSI plugin to interface with fluidsynth.

My experience with RG and Yoshimi hasn't been good. Way too often, I get a voice/setup I want in Yoshimi, point RG at it, and RG insists on using Yoshimi's default first standard instrument. I have to go back into Yoshimi and set it up again, then it works. Until the next time I open the RG project ...

Since LV2 appears to be the intended replacement for LADSPA, LV2 support would be great. I have recorded audio into RG. But the ability to apply LV2 plugins to that or MIDI tracks would be nice.

I usually record RG output using jack_capture, then work that over in Audacity. So, in a sense, RG is my audio mixer. Ardour is confusing and (to me, at least) assumes that I'm a trained audio engineer. Great for those who are such, not so great for me.

I would like better score-focused functionality, thank you. RG and counterpoint only seem to occasionally get along. But LV2 support seems like a good idea, even if just on general principles.

A simple way to render an RG project would be nice, but I think it's easy to just fire up jack_capture with the JACK transport option. That works for me since I don't need to output RG tracks individually for mixing in Audacity or anything else.

To Chris, Ted, Michael and all the wonderful people who make Rosegarden - a big Hawaiian MAHALO NUI LOA!

On 3/14/20 3:17 AM, Michael N. Moran wrote:

In the spirit of use-cases, I'll chime-in.

I'm an occasional/casual user of Rosegarden and have been for many years.

I'm a very amateur guitar player and member of a church choir.

My most common use-case is that of trying to learn a particular vocal part (e.g. tenor) by listening to it over and over.

In this case, I will receive an octavo from the choir director and enter the part using the notation editor, and then play it back using a synth (e.g. fluidsynth).

Although the notation entry can be painfully slow, using Rosegarden has taught me a great deal about the intricacies of music notation. Thanks for that!

After using the notation editor to enter individual parts, I will sometimes use Ardour to create audio files which I then write a to CD-ROM for individual SATB parts for distribution to other choir members.

All this while using my beloved Linux machines that are the basis for my embedded-systems programming livelihood.

Thank you to all of the Rosegarden developers for your contributions.

- mike

On 3/14/20 4:31 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
Hi all,

I think it's really interesting to learn about people's different workflows, especially in more professional settings like in this case.

David W. Jones
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