On 15/03/2020 08:26, Will Godfrey wrote:

My experience with RG and Yoshimi hasn't been good. Way too often, I get
a voice/setup I want in Yoshimi, point RG at it, and RG insists on using
Yoshimi's default first standard instrument. I have to go back into
Yoshimi and set it up again, then it works. Until the next time I open
the RG project ...

This looks like Rosegarden is defaulting to General Midi and sending a reset,
which Yoshimi of course obeys.

The reset can be disabled in Preferences... > MIDI > Allow reset all controllers, but...

I have my Rosegarden default file set up with:
Manage MIDI Devices->MIDI Playback set to a new entry 'Yoshimi'
I then set the track channels to that.

Unfortunately nor the above nor this suggestion by will stop Rosegarden from sending General Midi control changes 7, 10, 91, 93 (the ones shown on the track panel) which can be as disruptive (especially CC 7, volume, and CC10 pan).

I just created a feature request about having an option to completely _disable_ this, ideally per file or per midi device (best logical option):



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