I requested the take over of Scid at sourceforge. I will see if this 
works (Scid is already flagged as APT = Abandoned Project Takeover)
I did it because latest downloadable files are from 2004 and Shane and 
admins are unavailable, except martin skjoldebrand that seems really 
busy and/or without computer access.
Then I will finally have write access to CVS !

If I take the project :
- I will change only links to Scid homepage in order to leave Shane's 
info intact (and Paypal, although I wonder if this even works, as Shane 
does not answer to his Paypal's adress).
- I will commit to CVS and release files at Sourceforge
- I will (at last !) end the use of the ugly Scid-pg name and release 
packages under the name Scid
- developers will be welcome :-)

I carefully thought about it and even the worst case scenario is a good 
one : if Shane reacts badly, at least that way we will have his opinion 
about latest developement and know how to prepare the future.

Certainly the best way to keep this great project alive (I received a 
very pleasant message today from someone that left Chess Assistant for 
Scid !).

Pascal Georges

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