> I agree, especially that there are two independent versions being developed.

I do not understand why there are two efforts underway.

Specifically, Pascal, I do not understand why you have decided
to start your own effort.  As far as I can tell, Dr. Kirby is
leading the older and more vibrant effort at this point, and
it seems to me that his is the logical project to back.

I am still unable to view the archives of the scid-users list, so forgive
me if I've missed some history that occurred before I joined the list.

Obviously, the beauty of open source is that forks are possible,
so that the quality of the result, and thus the end user, can
be the deciding factor on which approach is better.

But forks are a waste of time and energy; is there not some way
we can all work together?

I also agree that it is better to start a new effort,
away from the name scid, for many of the same reasons already articulated.



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