2012-04-30 Thread Yosem Companys
*International Conference on TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Schumpeter and Polymer Research *3–5 June 2012 Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge, MA Co-organized by the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International

[change] RTI Tech conference @ Stanford University

2012-12-04 Thread Yosem Companys
The Right to information and transparency in the digital age: Policy, tools and practices Workshop organized by Liberation Technology Program at Stanford University, United States, 11.-12. March, 2013 Call for Papers Access to information has become one of the most promising

[change] Summer Associate, Jacaranda Health

2013-02-28 Thread Yosem Companys
from: Nick Pearson npear...@jacarandahealth.org Jacaranda Health is a social enterprise setting up a chain of maternity clinics and hospitals in East Africa. We're integrating clinical, business, and technology innovations to make high-quality care affordable for low-income women. We have a

[change] Using Technology to Create Value

2013-03-21 Thread Yosem Companys
From: End Poverty in South Asia no-re...@blogs.worldbank.org ** Using Technology to Create Value [image: SAR Technology]*Join an Online Discussion with Sri Lankan youth entrepreneurs on Friday, 22nd March at 3-5pm on the **World Bank's Sri Lanka Facebook page *

[change] Orange African Social Venture Prize 2013

2013-06-21 Thread Yosem Companys
Orange African Social Venture Prize promotes social innovations in support of development that use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).** ** ** ** EN: http://en.starafrica.com/entrepreneurship/orange-african-social-venture-prize-2013 FR:

[change] Thiel Fellowship

2016-02-26 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Amrit Kandel I'm looking for a Software Engineering student that would be interested in submitting an application to The Thiel Fellowship. The applicant must be 22 years or under. I will help with every step of the application. To learn more about The Thiel

[change] Post-Doc Position at Stanford WTO

2016-03-05 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Pamela Hinds * Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Center for Work, Technology, and Organizations Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

[change] smartphone usage in africa

2016-08-16 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Arjuna Sathiaseelan all, was wondering if there are any data/papers on the smartphone usage in africa - penetration & types of smartphones that are prevalent across the continent? thanks in advance arjuna -- Arjuna Sathiaseelan Personal:

[change] Liberationtech List Reminder

2017-01-31 Thread Yosem Companys
We are Stanford Liberatiiontech. Our home page is here: http://cddrl.fsi.stanford.edu/libtech. To sign up to our 4K-strong mailing list, click here: https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/liberationtech. We have also curated a list of Liberationtech content at

Re: [change] [liberationtech] Liberationtech List Reminder

2017-02-01 Thread Yosem Companys
ypted e-mail can be read by anyone! Talk to me in private using > encryption. Here's my PGP public key: https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/ > lookup?op=get=0x919C9EBCA0430B96 > > Yosem Companys <compa...@stanford.edu> schreef op 1 februari 2017 > 06:00:57 CET: > >> We are Stanford

Re: [change] [iSchool #10327] FW: [liberationtech-jobs] Paid summer internship (up to $15k) with new social good tech company

2017-01-24 Thread Yosem Companys
filled? I’m well past the deadline, but if hasn’t been yet, I’m very interested. Thanks! Akshay From: < change-boun...@change.washington.edu (mailto:change-boun...@change.washington.edu)> on behalf of Yosem Companys < icare...@uw.edu (mailto:icare...@uw.edu)> Reply-To:

[change] If Muslims are blocked by the U.S., should we respond?

2017-01-27 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Dave Burstein I raise the question of whether we should respond to the proposed U.S. ban on nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. Scott Aaronson reports one of his MIT students will probably have to leave if he can't get his visa removed. We all

[change] Internet Connection officially Severed in Anglophone Cameroon Pleaase help

2017-01-28 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Nyangkwe Agien Aaron Dear All It has been roughly a month that the people of the anglophone regions (formerly Southern Cameroons) of Cameroon have had internet cut off. The minister of Post and Telecommunication states that it was for security reasons. MTN the

[change] Off Topic: Academics Against Immigration Executive Order

2017-01-29 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Mariya Ivancheva Dear colleagues, This petition might be of interest to those of you who are currently watching with horror the recent developments in the USA. Please DO NOT REPLY to my email, but follow the instructions below: -- Academics Against

[change] Mercy Corps Innovation & Digital Coordinator in Nairobi

2017-01-25 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Christopher Maclay We're looking for an Innovation and Digital Coordinator in Nairobi. Please see posting here: http://reliefweb.int/job/1870559/innovation-and- digital-coordinator Mercy Corps is a leading global relief and development agency saving and

[change] World Bank’s ICT team, focused on digital development

2016-08-19 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Bertram Boie We are currently having a need for a short-term consultancy (STC) support here in the World Bank’s ICT team, focused on digital development. Kind regards, Bertram ___ Bertram Boie Economist, Office of the

[change] New Ph.D. Program in Technology Management and Organization Studies at UC Santa Barbara

2016-11-11 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Paul Leonardi The University of California, Santa Barbara is pleased to announce the launch of a new Ph.D. DEGREE in Technology Management. Applications are due January 15, 2017 for matriculation in Fall 2017. This new program is administered by UCSB’s Technology

[change] E-Voting

2016-11-14 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Zacharia Gichiriri Are there any countries that have implemented a form of mobile voting? Is there any research on the potential, challenges and applicability of mobile voting? Considering the explosive growth of mobile phones across Africa, would the use

[change] Ethnographic perspectives on human centered design for social change?

2016-12-15 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Misha Quill I'm wondering if any of you could point me towards ethnographic analyses or cases studies (articles. books, grey lit) of development or humanitarian projects that use(d) design principles? I'm planning to teach an undergraduate-level course in

Re: [change] [iSchool #10327] FW: [liberationtech-jobs] Paid summer internship (up to $15k) with new social good tech company

2016-12-19 Thread Yosem Companys
s-boun...@lists.stanford.edu (mailto:liberationtech-jobs-boun...@lists.stanford.edu)] On Behalf Of Yosem Companys Sent: Friday, December 16, 2016 1:45 PM To: Liberationtech Jobs < liberationtech-j...@lists.stanford.edu (mailto:liberationtech-j...@lists.stanford.edu)> Subject: Re: [liberat

[change] Help the people of Syria get the antidote to chemical attacks

2017-04-06 Thread Yosem Companys
This is probably not the best list for this, but does anyone know of any organizations working to raise money to stockpile Pralidoxime and Atropine for use as an antidote in Syria? -- YC * “Pralidoxime is the antidote for Sarin,” says Tennari — referring to the deadly nerve gas considered a

[change] Opensource SAT/ACT Prep Project for Students by Students

2017-08-12 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Raul Aguilera Dear Yosem, My name is Raul Aguilera, and I am with a non-profit organization called Education for Purpose (edufp.org) based out of Omaha, Nebraska. I saw your name on LinkedIn and thought I would share about our organization.

[change] Solarizing water pumps in Puerto Rico

2017-10-08 Thread Yosem Companys
Hi All, A quick question: A Facebook friend Danay Paravisini (cc'ed) wants to know whether it is possible to solarize water pumps in Puerto Rico? Most survivors of hurricane Maria are now drinking and using non-potable water because there is no electricity to pump potable water. Could electric

[change] USAID's Development Informatics Team wants a Senior ICT Advisor

2018-06-08 Thread Yosem Companys
*From:* Rebecca Saxton-Fox USAID's Center for Digital Development is hiring! The Development Informatics team is looking for a Senior ICT4D Advisor. You can find the job posting here

[change] Stanford Liberationtech Needs Your Help

2018-06-14 Thread Yosem Companys
Hi All, The Program on Liberation Technologies at Stanford University (LT) has been going strong since circa 2006. Since then, LT has helped thousands design, use, and research technologies that foster the public good. Recently, the decision was made to

[change] Let's reunite the kids forcibly torn from their migrant parents

2018-06-20 Thread Yosem Companys
Note that I'm doing this in a personal capacity and NOT representing or speaking for Stanford in any way. This is just to kickoff a conversation... Suzanne has obtained a domain name to host a database to keep track of all of the kids who have been forcibly removed from their parents. We need to

Re: [change] Let's reunite the kids forcibly torn from their migrant parents

2018-06-20 Thread Yosem Companys
P.S. Suzanne just informed me that the domain is Helpfind.us... On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 1:10 PM, Yosem Companys wrote: > Note that I'm doing this in a personal capacity and NOT representing or > speaking for Stanford in any way. > > This is just to kickoff a conversation... >

[change] A potential new Liberationtech tool...

2018-01-26 Thread Yosem Companys
Google Is Testing a New App That Would Let Anyone Publish a Local News Story By WILL OREMUS JAN 26, 201812:36 AM Google is testing a new tool for people to report and publish local news stories, called Bulletin. A website first spotted online Thursday describes Bulletin as “an app for

[change] ‘Kind’ technology?

2018-02-04 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Harnidh Kaur I don’t think most of you know this, but I work in the development space and we’re always trying to find cool ways to make tech make the world better. I’ve been trying to read up more about the same. So, here. Is ‘kind technology’ a thing? Where people are

[change] JOB: Consult for DARPA

2018-02-04 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Alex Wong Some consulting firms are looking for highly-qualified folks for a government client, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (yeah, the Internet and Robotic Grand Challenge people), to assist in crafting and evaluating programs to fund cutting-edge

[change] Mesh networking gig in Guyana

2017-12-21 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Stephen Whitmore I work with Digital Democracy[1], a non-profit doing offline peer-to-peer mapping for environmental monitoring in parts of South America. Dd is looking for someone who is interested in traveling to the savannahs of southern Guyana and set up

Re: [change] Nigerian seeks treatment for Typhoid and Malaria Co-Infection...

2018-03-11 Thread Yosem Companys
Note: I don't know Abraham well. I only know him from being a prospective applicant to the Master of Technology Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. So please help secure medicine for him, not money, should he ask. Thanks, Yosem On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 10:48 AM, Yosem

[change] Help Puerto Rico use tech for social good

2018-04-09 Thread Yosem Companys
Dear friends and colleagues, - How should the Puerto Rican government use technology to improve quality of life and socioeconomic development, especially in the poorest and most vulnerable communities? I would appreciate your emailing me as soon as possible one-sentence proposed actions

[change] What's the best way for users to edit erroneous GIS data?

2018-10-24 Thread Yosem Companys
Hi All, I have a technical question that I was hoping one of you could answer. I'm working with an organization that has a Drupal website and is doing GIS mapping. The users have usernames and passwords on Drupal. They will use a data uptake tool to upload GIS data. Should the users make a

[change] Tech & Social Good: Could You Share Syllabi & Readings?

2018-11-01 Thread Yosem Companys
Hi All, Does anyone know whether there's a collection of all syllabi and readings on technology and social good (or public good or social change)? If such a collection doesn't exist, could you help me create one? The readings can be from any discipline, seminal or not, and academic or not. I'd

[change] Who could provide Internet connectivity for community-based groups in Puerto Rico?

2018-12-27 Thread Yosem Companys
Hey All, First of all, I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful holiday season. I wish you all a Happy New Year. We are helping a number of community-based groups in Puerto Rico (PR) apply for U.S. federal funding for post-Maria recovery and reconstruction. Part of the application

[change] JOB: USAID DIV STIP Officer; Deadline: Dec 13

2018-12-10 Thread Yosem Companys
Jeff Brown recently re-joined Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) at United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as Division Chief. USAID DIV supports piloting and rigorous testing of innovations in development and helps transition the most successful innovations to scale. For

[change] Our People-Centered Digital Future | Right now via webcast!

2018-12-10 Thread Yosem Companys
Today is the "Our People-Centered Digital Future" sponsored by Constellation Research . By March 2019, 50% of the world will be connected to the Internet, an inflection point that marks an important moment for examining the “unfinished work” of the Internet

[change] JOB: Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), Public Platforms, Omidyar Network India

2018-11-16 Thread Yosem Companys
https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6466278498406367232 Omidyar Network India is seeking a passionate, entrepreneurial individual who can pioneer a ‘public platforms’ approach in India to solve hard ecosystem level problems in areas such as education & skills, agriculture,

[change] Course: Artificial Intelligence for International Development

2019-01-11 Thread Yosem Companys
*** Please note that Liberation Technology doesn't benefit financially in any way from your taking this course. Just sharing because it looks interesting and because Tech Change has long been a friend of our program and offers excellent courses for those working in tech for development. Tech

[change] International Digital Divide Conference 22-24 May 2019, Washington, DC USA

2019-02-26 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Jeremy Schulz PARTNERSHIP FOR PROGRESS ON THE DIGITAL DIVIDE (PPDD) 2019 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 22-24 May 2019 Washington, DC USA http://www.ppdd.org/conferences/ppdd2019/ Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (PPDD) is the only academic professional organization in the

[change] Data Fellowes Programme at Centre for Humm Data

2019-02-22 Thread Yosem Companys
The positions are now open to applicants. Read about the 2019 Data Fellows Programme below and apply today. You can also learn more about the 2018 Class of Fellows. Background The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has a Centre for Humanitarian Data in The

[change] Would you happen to know of any refugees or migrants who have experienced cybersecurity issues?

2019-02-08 Thread Yosem Companys
Hey All, Would you happen to know of any refugee or migrant individuals (or groups) who have experienced cyber-security violations (e.g., stolen identities, hacked social media accounts)? A prominent cyber-security company wants to know because it has identified incidents from the threat side

[change] Please help me find an edutech CEO...

2019-05-11 Thread Yosem Companys
Hi All, I'm helping to build a hybrid edutech social venture in Puerto Rico that will train the local population along with the brightest minds from the U.S. and the world in Puerto Rico at a beachfront property with hotel accommodations. We have the backing of some of the world's most renowned

[change] Alliance4AI startup overview

2019-09-17 Thread Yosem Companys
Alliance4AI highlights their latest analysis and summary of the African AI start-up space. https://medium.com/alliance4ai/ai-generation-learnings-from-alliance4ais-first-100-startups-in-africa-acfba0f753d1 (h/t Ulrich Paquet ) ___ change mailing list

[change] Tensorflow Roadshow Will Go to Africa (Nairobi, Lagos, & JHB)

2019-09-16 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Jade Abbott The Tensorflow team are having a roadshow and are visiting Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg in October "The TensorFlow team will be presenting a series of highly technical talks which will inlcude the TensorFlow 2.0 best practices, TF Lite, TF.js, TensorFlow Extended, Model

[change] African Industrial Internet Programme now open for admission

2019-09-16 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Shivanand Guness The application for the African Industrial Internet Programme(AIIP) is open for our 2020 cohort. The AIIP is a 12-months data science programme for engineers and software developers. If you are interested click here to apply. For additional

[change] From Hurricane to Earthquake: Puerto Rico Needs Your Help // Help Puerto Rico by Supporting RISE

2020-01-07 Thread Yosem Companys
From: Marla Perez Lugo Dear friends: I hope this email finds you well. In light of the recent seismic activity in PR, we write this message in an attempt to activate a community of interest within the RISE Network to participate in strategic activities of service to the people of PR. As you