dh_python or pybuild

2021-10-11 Thread c . buhtz


I am not sure if I misunderstand something or if the documentation is 

The PythonPolicy
tells me that dh_python should be the preferred tool for packaging 

But the LibraryStyleGuide
tells me it is pybuild 

And the DPT policy
tells me something about git-buildpackage and gbp.

So as a novice I am confused.


Wiki: Debian Python Policy docu not on team site

2021-10-01 Thread c . buhtz


this is about the wiki page of that team.

I accidentally found the "Debian Python Policy documentation".

Looks nice and very important for new team members.

Maybe it would help if it is linked on the team wiki page.

Christian Buhtz

Difference between "python-debian team" and "Debian Python Team"

2021-10-01 Thread c . buhtz

Hello together,

what are the differences between this two salsa groups?



As a novice in debian python packaging it extremely confuses me. And I 
have impression that "team sites" in salsa (e.g. the two links above) do 
not contain detailed descriptions about the teams.


Re: xlsxwriter: How to change homepage url

2021-09-16 Thread c . buhtz

Dear Emmanuel,

Am 15.09.2021 21:36 schrieb Emmanuel Arias:
Looking in the salsa repo [0], it is very old. And that shouldn't 
happen. I

can updated to the last unstable version tonight/tomorrow.

Just to improve my knowledge about Debian processes: What does it mean 
to update the salsa repo to the current upstream? Is it the same as 
create a new package? Or is it just one step into creating a new 

Or, perhaps Christian (the initial of this thread) can/want to do it 

write to me if you need help)?

Not yet, thanks. I am to fresh and will focus on one package only 
("feedparser") to improve my learning.

But I will look at "xlsxwriter" and learn.

btw: I am not sure if this list is the right place. But the DPMT is
named as "uploaders" of that package. And I am confused about that the
"maintainer" is a ubuntu-list (Team?).

That would be great, but I would leave it to the current maintainer to 

that, also seems to be a group ¿?.  I cc to the maintainer(s).

They still answered my question on their own list:

They do not want to maintain anymore. And they asked about open a WNPP 
for it.

This would have been my question, too. If we do not create a new package 
version now how could we document the new information's about the 
maintainership somewhere for someone in the future?

As a newcomer, I am taking a step back so as not to cause more trouble. 
;) I would like to suggest that someone from the experienced DD here 
answer the maintainer direct what the next steps should be and who 
should do them. Would be nice if you could put me into CC.


Re: Python style guide checker (formerly called pep8)

2021-09-12 Thread c . buhtz

Am 12.09.2021 10:23 schrieb Geert Stappers:

In which package is a pep8 code style checker?

Upstream "pep8" was renamed to "pycodestyle".
So look at

feedparser: New packaging

2021-09-09 Thread c . buhtz

Dear list members,
dear Mr. Millon,

I am interested in packaging “feedparser” 
(https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/feedparser) for Debian. I addressed Mr. 
Millon directly because he is named as "uploader" for that package. The 
"maintainer" is the "Debian Python Team". So is this list the right 
place to contact that team?

The stable package (6 years old) is far behind upstream. I am motivated 
because a) my own work depends on feedparser and b) I want to learn and 
will invest more resources in packaging other packages (e.g. 
"backintime"). Therefore, feedparser would be my learning start. I know 
the maintainer and packaging guides. Of course, I need to dive deeper 
into them but beside the technical issues, I have an idea about the 
"social system" behind it.

First, I want to be sure not stealing work from someone. Is there an 
active maintainer on the Debian side for the package "feedparser"?

Second, I am aware that I need an "uploader" because I do not have (and 
do not want to) have write access to the repository. However, this is a 
far away problem because the package itself needs to get done first. ;)

Third (and most important), I need someone like a mentor. Whom can I ask 
when I have background questions that are not mentioned in the wiki or 
if I have technical problems? I need someone take my hand and someone to 
kick my butt when I need it. ;)

I am sure it is helpful to introduce myself to the community. Which 
place would be the best for it? The Debian Python Mailinglist or 
anywhere else? Or a link to a Debian Wiki Entry?

Best regards,
Christian Buhtz