Embedding hierarchy of differing depths in URIs

2009-03-03 Thread webpost
There are hierarchies which i need to expose. E.g. foo.com/1/2/3/data foo.com/5/6/data foo.com/5/7/8/9/data foo.com/0/10/11/12/13/14/15/data Different hierarchies are of differing depths which can be known only at runtime. Also there are numerous hierarchies. My first question is whether this

GWT Restlet Callback

2009-03-03 Thread webpost
I wanted to say a quick thanks for an excellent API/toolkit. I had no trouble getting XML data via REST calls integrated into our GWT application. Not a big fan of innerclasses but they are convenient given the examples of defining the callback class for a particular REST call. The problem I

Testing RESTful Web Services built with Restlet

2009-03-05 Thread webpost
I am looking for good ideas for testing RESTful web services built using Restlet. We have done obvious: JMeter, JUnit, and some integration testing. I'd like more automated tools that testers could use (possibly with the help of developers) that specifically address REST. The approaches I

Restlet manifest and the Bundle Version property

2009-03-05 Thread webpost
Can someone tell me why the Bundle-Version property for each of the artifacts in the maven2 repository(http://maven.restlet.org/) are not correctly stating the maven version. For example, the manifest for 1.2-SNAPSHOT AND 1.2-M1 both state that the Bundle-Version is 1.2. This is not the

RE: Client objects are sharing connections

2009-03-09 Thread webpost
Hi Jerome. I have been using the net HTTP client. I did some looking into the source code, and I've found that the read timeout is set in the URLConnection class. This means that this is not a restlet issue, but instead it's an issue with the URLConnection class (or more likely, I'm doing


2009-03-10 Thread webpost
I've read the tutorial, but it doesn't answer all my questions. 1) Where do I set the Guard? I only need it on a couple of resources, so I was thinking I should create it in the constructor for the Resource. Does this seem logical/reasonable? 2) The example shows a call to

RE: Re: Intermitent error: A response with an unavailable entity was returned

2009-03-11 Thread webpost
It was actually much simpler than that :) Wen deployed as war the application is exploded in to the windows temp folder that has spaces and getResource() returns URLEncoded url so before using it in file it needs to be URL decoded. Your code worked just fine as well, thank you!

unable to get JAXB schema validation to work

2009-03-11 Thread webpost
Hello, We're using Restlet version 1.2M1 and using the JaxbRepresentation class, we're somehow unable to get the schema validation to work. I'm basically just trying to validate when unmarshalling the request XML during a post request. The Object is successfully unmarshalled into it's

RE: Re: Restlet and Java 6

2009-03-13 Thread webpost
Can anybody post Restlet 1.1.3 with JAXB extention example with Java 6. we are having some troubles to get into work. Thanks -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1318007

how to set default route in jax-rs

2009-03-14 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm trying to get my head around jax-rs and I'm not sure how to set a catch-all route for my site. In restlet I would do this: final Router myRouter = new Router(getContext()); myRouter.attachDefault(CatchAll.class); Is there a way to do the same thing in jax-rs? T

RE: Re: jax-rs example throwing exception: please help

2009-03-14 Thread webpost
Thanks for the help Stephan. You got me started on a journey of adding libraries. In the end I had to include the following before the example would run: com.sun.jaxb.jar javax.activation.jar javax.mail.jar javax.ws.rs.jar javax.xml.bind.jar org.apache.commons.fileupload.jar org.json.jar

RE: Re: Restlet (Client side) + Jersey (Server side): is it possible?

2009-03-16 Thread webpost
thanks Is there a jar file that contains only the restlet-gwt classes? the files in http://www.restlet.org/downloads/ have about 15M!! Why are they so big? do they have all the engine to run restlet? --

RE: Re: Guards

2009-03-17 Thread webpost
Thanks Thierry! You might consider adding this info to the guide, because it wasn't clear to me where Guards lived in the chain of calls. Thinking of the Resources and Guards as a tree helped make it clear. One follow-up question: how can I have a Guard only care about certain requests? For

RE: unable to get JAXB schema validation to work

2009-03-17 Thread webpost
Jerome, Thank you for your response, yes I did try passing an instance of the ValidationEventHandler to the JaxbRepresentation constructor but the callback method was not invoked. I will continue to experiement... Thank you Adnan --

Got Unable to return the xml representation. using Tomcat

2009-03-17 Thread webpost
Hi all, I have an restlet application which is working very well running standalone. But I need to deploy it in a Tomcat. When I try to access my app I always get the following screen: Unable to return the xml representation. You can get technical details here. Please continue your visit at

RE: Re: Hidden cache in GWT client?

2009-03-19 Thread webpost
Hi Rob, Thanks for such a fast answer! After reading the discussion, I both tried to set a property on the client Request, and the server Response, with: MapString,Object map = new HashMapString,Object(); map.put(Cache-Control, no-store); // server side response.setAttributes(map); // client

RE: Help!!!!! Restlet ?!?!?!?!?

2009-03-21 Thread webpost
thank you Jerome Louvel and Thierry Boileau for help! -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1373791

RE: Help!!!!! Restlet ?!?!?!?!?

2009-03-23 Thread webpost
-Our problem is to understand how makes the client thet have to get or post a resource to know resource's location and therefore the final url to use in the GET or POST HTTP messages to refer to the correct locations. --

EJB and restlet

2009-03-23 Thread webpost
Hi I'm trying to use an existing EJB of mine in a restlet context. I'm quite noob in restlets so I'm not even sure this is supposed to work. When using @EJB annotation to inject the ejb reference I get a null-pointer. The EJB is deployed properly on my Glassfish application server, and the

X509 certificate authentication

2009-03-23 Thread webpost
Hi All I'm prototyping an application which will use user and server certificates extensively: every client request and server response must be ciphered and digitally signed. The ciphered part is easy with https, but ¿how do I accomplish the second part? I'm a bit confused and I think of

Redirector: HTTP request to HTTPS request

2009-03-25 Thread webpost
Hello, I'm using a Redirector in MODE_DISPATCHER. I can easily use it to forward HTTP requests that come from the client to another URI, e.g.: http://localhost/forward - http://www.example.com What I'm trying to do now, is to forward an HTTP request to an HTTPS URI, e.g.:

How to Force URL Encoding Before URI Matching?

2009-03-27 Thread webpost
Hello - When running through Apache (and the weblogic plugin), the urlencoding that we're originally setting up is getting lost. So /bob/joe%20%7C%20sam/pete becomes /bob/joe | sam/pete On it's way through apache from the browser to the restlet. As a result, the URI pattern isn't

NullPointer when trying to configure server connector

2009-03-30 Thread webpost
Hi, I am quite new to Restlet, I am trying to configure server connector as described in http://www.restlet.org/documentation/1.0/connectors However, line server.getContext().getParameters().add(useForwardedForHeader, true); throws me a nullpointerexception because context is null. I am using

Starting with restlet

2009-03-31 Thread webpost
Hi i'm an italian student and i'm starting with Restlet. As first example to understand how things work, i followed this ones: http://danilogurovich.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/a-simple-restlet-demo-application/ I included all the library listed in the page. I copied all the 6 class in Myeclipse 7

RE: Re: expires header with redirects?

2009-04-01 Thread webpost
Thanks for the quick answer. That gave me what I needed. -Robin Hi Robin, take a look at http://wiki.restlet.org/docs_1.1/13-restlet/27-restlet/130-restlet.html . @Jerome, Thierry: What about logging also the api call to use for set the value? best regards Stephan Robin

[NEWBIE] RESTlet with JDBC tutorial

2009-04-01 Thread webpost
Do anybody know where can I find tutorials to understand how to implement simple resources with persistence through JDBC (ex: MySQL, ...) ? -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1508825

RE: Re: Starting with restlet

2009-04-01 Thread webpost
it's all right. Now it's all working. Thank you for help. Endrio -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1505823

list of resource with relatives url

2009-04-02 Thread webpost
Hi i'm an italian student and i have to plan a restful architecture using RESTLET. The architecture have to implement a B2B message exchange in xml format powered by GS1 XML. -My problem is to understand how makes the client thet have to get or post a resource to know resource's location and

how to set media type for requests

2009-04-03 Thread webpost
how to create a client that asks for the xml representation of a resource i.e. how to set the media type for a given request. -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1528788

Getting various mediaTypes through browser

2009-04-03 Thread webpost
for a given Resource R, i want it accessible through these links: R.html : returns html representation for resource R R.xml : returns xml represenation R.pdf : returns pdf representation apart from this i want to keep the behaviour of setting mime types in the http protocol and get the

Spring + Restlet 1.2-SNAPSHOT, NullPointerException

2009-04-04 Thread webpost
I've been having trouble getting Spring to play nice with Restlet (I'm experienced with Spring, a newbie with Restlet, so please bear with me!). Using Spring 2.5.6 and Restlet 1.2-SNAPSHOT. I want to define a resource called uniq and map /uniq to my UniqResource bean (extends Resource).

Spring + Restlet 1.2-SNAPSHOT, NullPointerException

2009-04-04 Thread webpost
I've been having trouble getting Spring to play nice with Restlet (I'm experienced with Spring, a newbie with Restlet, so please bear with me!). Using Spring 2.5.6 and Restlet 1.2-SNAPSHOT. I want to define a resource called uniq and map /uniq to my UniqResource bean (extends Resource).

Restlet and Large PUT requests

2009-04-05 Thread webpost
Greetings, I am new to Restlet and am not sure how to solve this problem, or if Restlet is capable of doing what I am after: I need to be able to generate a PUT request that has a large (500mb+) amount of text. The text its self is generated on the fly (not from a file on disk). I then need

RE: Re: list of resource with relatives url

2009-04-05 Thread webpost
what is the best URI to publish the descriptor? is not a problem for me. In my application all client may know this URI. The problem is thet each side of architecture have a client and a server restlet and in a server can exist resources PUTted by itself (if it's possible to do) and the client

list of resource

2009-04-07 Thread webpost
hi, some day ago i posted a a problem. Hi i'm an italian student and i have to plan a restful architecture using RESTLET. The architecture have to implement a B2B message exchange in xml format powered by GS1 XML. -My problem is to understand how makes the client thet have to get or post a

Multiple Application Handling in web.xml

2009-04-07 Thread webpost
Hello, I am using restlet 1.2M2 in the TomCat 6 web container. I am trying to create multiple Restlet applications and define different URI patterns that map to each one. I tried to do this following all the Restlet examples posted and it seems that all the examples show how to handle only one

JAXRS and media type via query parameters

2009-04-07 Thread webpost
Hi everybody, I am using the JAX-RS extension for developing my application. I would like to specify the accepted formats using query parameters because the client I am using is not able to send accept headers. I did this in the JaxRsApplication create root method:

RE: How to Fetch Request XML in Java Restlet

2009-04-09 Thread webpost
Hi Jerome, Can you please be more specific?? I alerady looked at the below link which you provided, but I still couldn't understand which part exactly accepts the request XML. My request XML would be in following format: customerinfo fnameTest/fname lnameFoo/lname /customerinfo

Entity not set when setting it from storeRepresentation

2009-04-12 Thread webpost
Hi everybody, I'm trying to figure out how to handle a PUT on a resource. I have overriden storeRepresentation method, so that it creates a new entity, and replies with the passed entity. Here is the code : @Override public void storeRepresentation(Representation r) throws

RE: Re: Google AppEngine and Restlet

2009-04-12 Thread webpost
After a bit of experimentation I have managed to get a Restlet/Freemarker stack running on GAE. The basic steps I took were : 1. Modify ServletConverter and ServletContextAdapter as detailed below. Basically this means replacing the calls to new ServletLogger with Logger.getLogger e.g. in the

resource scheme

2009-04-12 Thread webpost
Hi, i need suggestion. I have to implement a multi-side RESTlet architecture to exchange message/resource between pharmacies and suppliers, and between suppliers and agents. It implicates thet in the suppliers side, there are resources POSTed or PUTted by booth pharmacies and agents and some

RE: Spring restlet configuration

2009-04-14 Thread webpost
Forgot to attach the app log, the line INFO: Routes: /sample/locations it's added by me and actually checks that the router used by the application contains a route for /sample/locations, the request is for /sample/locaions but still getting a 404 [INFO] Started Jetty Server 13-abr-2009

RE: Redirector: HTTP request to HTTPS request

2009-04-14 Thread webpost
Hi Jerome Yes, I was able to solve this. It was entirely my fault :( I forgot to add libraries for the HTTPS client. RESTlet even printed an error message which my eyes refused to see ;) --

post in putUser Bookmark throws error

2009-04-16 Thread webpost
Hi, I changed the Bookmark example C:\restlet-1.1.4\src\org.restlet.example\org\restlet\example\book\rest\ch7\ApplicationTest.java from Put to Post in putUser method as shown below: public static void putUser(String userName, String password, String fullName, String email) {

RE: Managing a JPA/Hibernate session

2009-04-16 Thread webpost
Hi Could anyone give me some advice how I could implement such a Filter or ConnectorService for hibernate? The main problem is: How can I get the EntityManager that I created in the Filter at some other point? Now I'm using auto-generated JPA Controller classes form NetBeans but this leads to

RE: Re: post in putUser Bookmark throws error

2009-04-18 Thread webpost
yes...it does not have acceptrepresentation method. But then why it has been implemented as PUT rather than POST? User creation should always be POSt, right? PUT is always used for Updates, right?? Thanks! --


2009-04-21 Thread webpost
Hi, i'm a student and i'm new of RESTlet. Can you help me about this problem? How can I allow or not the access to resources or posting of this ones in base to user that require it? How can I, one time the specific client is authenticated, filter allowed operations?? Is it possible to make to

Redirector/Resolver relative path

2009-04-21 Thread webpost
Hi I'm using Redirector to proxy Requests from HTTP to HTTPS but I want to forward Requests from a sub URL to an external URL and all paths should be relative to a given path. For example: http://www.myapp.com/path/example.com/morepath/XYZ should be redirected to (in dispatcher mode):

At the root of my webservice - what's best practice

2009-04-22 Thread webpost
At the root of my web service there is no resource attached - so it just returns a 404 error - nothing is returned from the GET response - what would you commonly have at the root of your web application - a nice HTML human readable page explaining that you are at the home of the webservice and

RE: Re: Internal Connector Error (1002) - allowUserInteraction is not supported.

2009-04-23 Thread webpost
This works for me, too. Forgot to mention that my problem occurs on the server-side! Olivier Hello, This is working for me: Button getXMLButton = new Button(Get XML); getXMLButton.addClickListener(new ClickListener() { @Override public void

RE: URI Patterns

2009-04-25 Thread webpost
Restful Web Services Chapter 8, URI Design: When designing URIs, use path variables to separate elements of a hierarchy, or a path through a directed graph. Example: /weblog /myweblog/entries/100 goes from the general to the specific. ... Use punctuation characters to separate multiple pieces

RE: Atom example

2009-04-27 Thread webpost
Many thanks for your reply! I will try to send a basic demo of using jaxb soon. Regards, Martin -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1928289

Attributes in Guard

2009-04-27 Thread webpost
In an application's createRoot method I have: Guard guard = new ExtendedGuard(...); Router router = new Router(getContext()); router.attach({itemId}, ItemResource.class); guard.setNext(router); return guard; Now I would like to access itemId from within the ExtendedGuard class. However, itemId

Jax-rs and json output - restlet-1.2m2

2009-04-27 Thread webpost
Hi, Using that code for json output with jax-rs : @GET @Produces(application/json) public String getJson() { return {\id\:1,\name\:\rabbit\}; } will produce : ---snip-- 18 {id:1,name:rabbit} 0 ---snip-- These extra lines (18,0,\n) are only

Jax-rs and json output - restlet-1.2m2

2009-04-27 Thread webpost
Hi, Using that code for json output with jax-rs : @GET @Produces(application/json) public String getJson() { return {\id\:1,\name\:\rabbit\}; } will produce : ---snip-- 18 {id:1,name:rabbit} 0 ---snip-- These extra lines (18,0,\n) are only

RE: Error form HttpConverter

2009-04-29 Thread webpost
We where able to finally narrow down the issue to firewall rules that can causing some part of the code to fail. However the last question, should we remove the following code? esponseHeaders.add(​Cache-Control, no-cache); responseHeaders.add(Pragma, no-cache); responseHeaders.add(Expires,

GWT 1.6.4 (client only)

2009-04-30 Thread webpost
Hi, I have the org.restlet.gwt 1.2-SNAPSHOT and I'm using it only for the client capabilities, i.e. the server is in another project so I don't need the org.restlet.ext.gwt for the GWT Shell. The problem is that I have to build the jar with the source files because GWT complains that could

RE: Re: securing the whole application

2009-04-30 Thread webpost
Thanks. I'll try that. -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1978079

RE: GWT 1.6.4 (client only)

2009-04-30 Thread webpost
I'll do a few more test and have the changes posted. -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=1995122

RE: GWT 1.6.4 (client only)

2009-04-30 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm trying to understand why the GwtShellServletWrapper doesn't start in hosted mode. It seems to be some classloader problems... Anyway, I found something that I'm feeling it's not right in org.restlet.engine.Engine.java, in the loadClass(String className). In line : result =

RE: Authorization issue

2009-05-04 Thread webpost
My bad, I did not read carefully the docs. My problem is that I do not pass any Enroller instance to the application. Gabi -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2055713

how to assign route in the following case?

2009-05-05 Thread webpost
Dear all; How are you? I am trying to develop web service for geopolitical ontology. I created one resources like ws/neighbors/{ISO3} -- show all neighbors including 6 language translations, by given country ISO3 code i.e. ws/neighbors/ken -- show all neighbors including 6 lanuage

RE: Re: UnsupportedOperationException in DomRepresentation constructor

2009-05-05 Thread webpost
Hi Thierry Source for the revision of the class where the problem occurred can be found here: http://fisheye.agilos.org/browse/~raw,r=36/Agilos/zendesk-jira-plugin/trunk/src/main/java/org/agilos/jira/zendesk/NotificationDispatcher.java. The class is part of a JIRA plugin, so the full

Reissuing Post after challenge losses entity body

2009-05-11 Thread webpost
Excuse me if this is a duplicate, my first post did no appear to go through. I'm not sure if I am approaching the problem incorrectly, or I have found a bug. I am using the 1.2 snapshot from May 5 2009. I have a restlet client process and an associated restlet based server. The resources are

RE: Re: release the connection

2009-05-11 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm getting a similar error using JsonRepresentation. Thanks, Gabi -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2189743

Client HTTP request with proxy

2009-05-13 Thread webpost
Hi all, I'm looking for a possibility to easily use proxy support for Client HTTP calls with Restlet. The normal approach using System.setProperty(http.proxyHost,proxy); System.setProperty(http.proxyPort,8080); does not work. I already searched this discussion board and came

No CallContext given until now when using client.post() inside a jax-rs method

2009-05-13 Thread webpost
An exception is thrown when using client.post() inside a jax-rs method Source code: http://pastebin.ca/1420694 without the call, the jax-rs method works fine. when launching the client.post() method from a main no exception is thrown. Stacktrace Using grizzly connector:

RE: Re: GSON - Jackson 1.0

2009-05-20 Thread webpost
Jackson has been released as 1.0 http://jackson.codehaus.org/Tutorial I wrote a simple reflection based Json Representation for Jackson. pre public class JsonReflectionRepresentation extends StringRepresentation { public JsonReflectionRepresentation(Object jsonable) throws

Calling a restlet service from browser directly

2009-06-01 Thread webpost
Hi, Sorry for beginners question, but it's not clear how to call restlet service from not java clients(php,javascript, etc.), a simple put request didn't worked for me, may I call a restlet service directly from browser command line? Any help is appreciated, Gennady

setExisting works as advertised?

2009-06-05 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm evaluating restlet and I like what I see, especially the 2.0 version. If I understand ServerResource.setEx​isting(false) correctly, the restlet infrastructure should send back a 404 when I call setExisting(false) on a request (called within the doInit method) Reproducable with 2.0m3

Restlet on Google App Engine

2009-06-07 Thread webpost
I'm brand new to the Restlet framework and Google App Engine, so I apologize if this question is really basic. I saw most of the Google App Engine Services are supported already through the ext package in the gae jar. Is there any Restlet API that wraps the persistence layer, or do we

Basic Application and Resources (JBOSS)

2009-06-07 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm new to RESTful services and Restlets. I'm trying to create a hello world application that is integrated in with my company's J2EE app (we're running on JBOSS). From what I can tell from the tutorials and example source code, this seems pretty simple, but I'm definitely missing

Adding/removing JAX-RS resources at runtime

2009-06-09 Thread webpost
Hi everybody, a quick question to evaluate the feasibility of a project. Is it possible to dynamically add or remove resources and providers from a JAX-RS application? I looked at the API and it doesn't seem possible, though the class JaxRsRestlet gives some hope. Maybe by using directly this

Atom Pub Server / atomojo

2009-06-10 Thread webpost
Hello I'm looking for a solution to run an Atom Pub Server preferably within Restlet, but it might also be standalone. Implementing all resources and handling seems to be overkill, isn't there something already available. I tried atomojo but I simply can't get it running, or let's say I can't

RE: from the org.restlet.data.Request, get the HttpServletRequest

2009-06-11 Thread webpost
thanks Jerome, that was perfect! I'm using the latest Version 2.0 Milestone 3 . ;-) -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2361226

Can I use Jetty and/or Tomcat with Restlet?

2009-06-11 Thread webpost
I hope this is server agnostic. Is there a recommended server that I should use? -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2361147

JDBC Connection Singleton and Concurrency

2009-06-11 Thread webpost
Hi In order to connect to a MySQL Database I use the singleton pattern to get a Connection Object. I'm wondering if there will be any concurrency problems with that if I have several hundred requests per minute. Is there some sort of best practice for database connection? I've heard about

Restlet with a large dataset

2009-06-11 Thread webpost
Hello, I have a large dataset (a few millions of rows). I am very interesting for the use of restlet framework on my large dataset. Is it possible to transfer a large response by streaming without having memory problems on the server side ? That means, in my case, to be able to make streaming

Calling Restlet from Restlet

2009-06-12 Thread webpost
I need to invoke a Restlet from a Restlet. I can make a call to the Restlet just like a client but can I do that using a relative URL (/foo) or does it need the full URL (http://www.mydomain.com/foo)? Or would it be better to use Redirector String target = /foo; Redirector redirector = new

RE: Re: How goes content negotiation work?

2009-06-12 Thread webpost
I'm still having trouble with this myself. Trying to serve both JSON and XML representations of a resource that is called world. Here is what happens for 4 different test cases: http://localhost:8080/world.xml Fails! I get this response: The resource identified by the request is only

RE: Re: Calling Restlet from Restlet

2009-06-15 Thread webpost
That did the trick. I would not have thought to look at that as a solution. String targetUrl = riap://application/foo; // invoke the request Response fooResponse = getApplication().getContext().getClientDispatcher().get(targetUrl); Thank you,

Nested resource routing

2009-06-25 Thread webpost
I want to be able to nest arbitrarily deep items in a hierarchical format, and route them based on URI patterns in Spring. For example, I can have objects nested like: /branches/{branch_id}/ /branches/{branch_id}/leaves/{leaf_id}/ /branches/{branch_id}/buds/{bud_id}/ However, the

Nested resource routing

2009-06-25 Thread webpost
I want to be able to nest arbitrarily deep items in a hierarchical format, and route them based on URI patterns in Spring. For example, I can have objects nested like: /branches/{branch_id}/ /branches/{branch_id}/leaves/{leaf_id}/ /branches/{branch_id}/buds/{bud_id}/ However, the

Hierarchical URI routing w/ Spring

2009-06-25 Thread webpost
I have a hierarchy of container type objects that I want to be able to use. ex: /branch/{branch_id}/ /branch/{branch_id}/branch/{branch_id}/ /branch/{branch_id}/branch/{branch_id}/branch/{branch_id}/ etc. This structure can be arbitrarily deep, and each branch can have other items

RE: Re: Mysterious message in client

2009-06-26 Thread webpost
Hi, I do not want to change the setting in the log file. How can I make sure to pass Content-Length header in the response so that it'll not display the INFO messages? My current client code is as shown below: [code] Client client = new Client(Protocol.HTTP); Reference uri = new

RangeFilter and redirects

2009-07-01 Thread webpost
I ran across a problem that was causing the Daemon threads in our WadlComponent-based server to enter a busy loop. Essentially, if a Range header was in the HTTP GET request but the server wanted to return a redirection (e.g. via response.redirectSeeOther()), the entity would be wrapped by a

HTML Email

2009-07-07 Thread webpost
Anyone have any luck sending HTML email through restlet? I've tried explicitly setting the content type on the request, but the client always seems to receive an email of type text/plain. Here's basically what I'm doing: Client client = new Client(Protocol.SMTP);

RE: HTML Email

2009-07-09 Thread webpost
Hi Jerome... I've actually traced this down to a bug in the JavaMail extension. com.noelios.restlet.ext.javamail.RepresentationMessage constructs a MimeMessage out of the XML doc. When doing so, it calls setText(text) in order to set the body. If you look at MimeMessage.setText(String

RE: Need help with S3App.java example, from RESTful Web Services (O'Reilly)

2009-07-09 Thread webpost
Jerome Louvel, Thank you very much for the help! As suggested, I signed up for the S3 account. After executing code again, this time I received a response code of 200 (OK). I was initially hesitant to sign-up for S3 account; because, it required credit card info. Was not going to do so until I

Jetty integration

2009-07-09 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm struggling to understand how to use Jetty as my http server with Restlets 2.0m3 (not as a servlet). I've read through as much documentation as I can find and also searched for examples, but I can't seem to find a simple concrete example for having a ServerResource class receive

GAE + GWT + Restlet 2.0 M3 + challenge response is null on server side

2009-07-09 Thread webpost
Hi, I'm simply trying to implement really simple authentication mechanism using HTTP_BASIC. In GWT client I do the following: final Request request = new Request(getMethod(), GWT.getModuleBaseURL() + _url); ChallengeResponse challengeResponse = new

RE: Re: HTML Email

2009-07-11 Thread webpost
I'd love to get that multi-part patch. Can you post the code? thanks -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2370212

Extension tunneling and matching route by extension

2009-07-14 Thread webpost
Hi, I am developing a restlet based application and I am using the router restlet to dispatch to the target resources. My problem is, that after the tunnel service has removed the extension, the rule that matches the url is no longer applicable. The code that is used is: router.attach(/js/,

RE: Re: Licensing question

2009-07-15 Thread webpost
Thanks for the help. I actually ended up finding another source for the javax.xml.stream jar at http://stax.codehaus.org/Home which uses the Apache 2.0 license. Jennifer --

getting the button from a Form

2009-07-15 Thread webpost
hello everyone, In my application, I need to get the id of a form button when managing a POST call on a given resource. this is my form i'm posting to my resource: form name=login method=post action=/iwf-rest-client/login Name:br input type=text name=iwf.user_name cols=55 rows=10/textareabr

Question about 'org.restlet.engine.Engine.registerHelper(ClassLoader, URL, List, Class)'

2009-07-17 Thread webpost
Hi, I am starting to use restlet. The framework seems impressive but unfortunately I have just spent +5hrs trying to get it running on my environment. Hopefully this is just my personal christening and everything will go smooth from now on ;-) My (constraint) environment is: - Eclipse 3.5 -

Resolve to Resources inside another Resource

2009-07-20 Thread webpost
Hi all, I'm evaluating restlet and have sort of a beginner question, but was unable to find the answer here or in the documentation. Suppose I want to add a resource via a POST of the following XML to the URL http://.../items item titleSome title/title userhttp:///user/21 /item It's

Problem configuring spring ext in 2.0M3

2009-07-20 Thread webpost
Hello, I am trying to use RestletFrameworkServlet with 2.0M3 and have not been able to get anything other than 404. The servlet mapping works fine, but neither SpringRouter nor SpringBeanRouter has worked for me. My latest spring config is here: http://pastie.org/550641 I was debugging using

RE: Restlet SSL and Weblogic (even tomcat would help)

2009-07-20 Thread webpost
Hi Bruno, Thanks for the quick response. You comments have spawned some ideas! Although I won't get to try anything else for a few days (I'm being pulled in several different directions by the management!!), I will get back to it next week and keep the thread informed of my progress. I

Getting POST parameters out of request

2009-07-21 Thread webpost
How is this possible? I'm using Apache HTTPClient to make a POST request, but at my resource are no parameters set (else the one parsed into the url). Isn't it possible to make a POST request without using Restlet and putting the post object into a Representation object? I'm using 2.0-M3.

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