[Flashcoders] AS2.0 Class Question

2007-06-19 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- I have what is probably a simple question, but possibly difficult to spell out in email. I have a SFW(A) which is loading Class A I have another SWF(B) which is loading Class B. Both FLAs exist in seperate directories and utilize their own classes. At some point SWF(A) gets

[Flashcoders] Transitions.as Error - The member is private and cannot be accessed.

2007-01-26 Thread azsl1326-email
I have a very strange error occurring when attempting to compile an FLA that utilizes the Transitions class (Transitions.as). I receive an error that states: '**Error** C:\Documents and Settings\DefaultUser\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\Configuration\

[Flashcoders] Disable Row in ListBox Component

2006-09-20 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- Is it possible to disable a row or number of (specific) rows in a ListBox without disabling the entire ListBox? Thanks for any and all replies. ___ Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com To change your subscription options or search the

RE:[Flashcoders] Disable Row in ListBox Component

2006-09-20 Thread azsl1326-email
Perfect ... thanks! Wed Sep 20 12:22:58 EDT 2006 Michael Stuhr wrote: i think you have to do this manually. you either create a cellrenderer for your list and handle it this way (look in the help for cellRenderer API) or you could : var list:mx.controls.List; list.addItem({label:Flash,

[Flashcoders] Dynamically Loading JPGs ~ Strange Behavior

2006-09-01 Thread azsl1326-email
I have about 20 jpegs that are dynamically being loaded into a swf. These images are loaded one at a time, fade in as the previous one fades out, and then eventually the loop starts over again, loading the initial image. I am using the MovieClipLoader Class to load them. I am, however, running

[Flashcoders] Scroll Pane Component - Issue with Scrolling when using mouse wheel

2006-07-22 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All I am using the scroll pane component loading content via an external swf. I have noticed that the only way the content will scroll with the mouse wheel is if the mouse(cursor) is over the scroll bar. If the cursor is over the content and I attempt to scroll using the mouse

[Flashcoders] Custom Component --- Maintaining Proper Scale

2006-07-05 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello Alll I am making a custom listbox component and have run into a slight problem. When I attempt to resize the listbox on the stage, it does not scale properly becoming distorted (as opposed to the standard MM V2 ListBox which maintains its scale when resized). I know I saw how to

[Flashcoders] onEnterFrame / SetInterval in a Class (with Delegate)

2006-06-23 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- I am trying to run an onEnterFrame or setInterval in a Class (which extends mx.core.UIComponent) and not having much luck. If I use onEnterFrame it runs once and then dies. I have even tried using Delegate with the onEnterFrame and still no luck. Likewise, I have tried using

[Flashcoders] FileReference and Getting File Path

2006-06-15 Thread azsl1326-email
I am using the FileReference Class to upload images. Is there a way to get the path to the selected file? Ideally, I would like to preview the image before being uploaded and need the path. Thanks for any and all replies. ___

RE: [Flashcoders] FileReference and Getting File Path

2006-06-15 Thread azsl1326-email
Thanks for the reply. I can get the name, however it doesn't provide the path (i.e. c:\images\image001.jpg) Mike Boutin mikeb at juicystudios.com Thu Jun 15 13:03:32 EDT 2006 Is it possible for you to just grab the name after it is selected from the

[Flashcoders] FileReference and ASP

2006-05-31 Thread azsl1326-email
I am looking for an ASP script to work in tandem with the FileReference class. I have searched the web but can only find mostly PHP scripts. My server has ASPUpload and SA FileUp available but am not having much luck getting the file to upload to the server. Can anyone assist in getting me on

[Flashcoders] Tweening Multiple Objects at the same time

2006-05-22 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- I am using a custom tween class (SuperEase) I found online to tween objects. However, I have run into a situation where I need to have two objects start tweening at the same time. The SuperEase class does not allow for this functionality. I can tween both objectives sequentially

[Flashcoders] Extending Array Question

2006-04-18 Thread azsl1326-email
I have created a Class that extends Array, called ArrayExtension. The only way that I have found to add values to this is array is in the following manner: --- // CODE import com.ArrayExtension var myArray:ArrayExtension = new ArrayExtension(Hello,GoodBye,World) //CLASS

[Flashcoders] RE:Flashcoders] Extending Array Question

2006-04-18 Thread azsl1326-email
Thanks, that will work. So there is no definitive way to add the values all at once, i.e. [1,4,5,76,3] when extending an Array? Thanks again. Ian Thomasn wrote: Hi there (whoever you are!) Your problem is that the [1,2,3] initialiser syntax is actually a short cut for creating a new Array()

[Flashcoders] Flashcoders Extending Array Question

2006-04-18 Thread azsl1326-email
That will work...thanks. Robert Leisle wrote; You could also do: var myArray:ArrayExtension = new ArrayExtension(); myArray.push(Hello, Goodbye, World); same result as doing them separately. ___ Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com To change your

RE:[Flashcoders] dispatching events at creation time?

2006-02-17 Thread azsl1326-email
A little late in the (reply) game, but you could try: MovieClip.prototype.onConstruct = function() { trace(created) } This will be called anytime a new clip is created. You could, however, weed out the unwanted dispatching of events, by dispatching based upon the name of the clip created,

RE:[Flashcoders] Component and Live Preview problems

2006-01-31 Thread azsl1326-email
Thanks for the reply. I am using UIComponent. The code that is in the live preview fla is: [code] function onUpdate() { pushBtn.buttonText_txt.text = xch.btnLabel; } [/code] The strange thing is that in the component's FLA I can drag as many instances from the library on the stage

RE:[Flashcoders] Tell me more about _global

2006-01-31 Thread azsl1326-email
I am using _global variables throught my FLAs, probably because I haven't really been exposed to the negatives of using them, thus not really knowing any better. I am interested in conforming to better 'design' standards and am familiar with the Singleton Design Pattern. Any chance you could

[Flashcoders] Component and Live Preview ~ problems

2006-01-30 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- I posted this on FlashNewbie and didn't have much luck getting it resolved. I also found a number of posts on Actionscript.org referencing this same problem, but I couldn't find any solutions, so I thought I would try here. I created a custom button component with live preview

RE: [Flashcoders] Component and Live Preview ~ problems

2006-01-30 Thread azsl1326-email
Sorry, using Flash 8. Thanks for any insight. Derek Vadneau flashcoderlist at ThunderUnderground.com wrote: I remember this happening with my components at one point, but I think the issue was with MX04 - pre 7.2. I'm not 100% on that but I do remember the problem occurring. Are you using

[Flashcoders] List Component --- Multiline

2005-12-09 Thread azsl1326-email
Hello All --- Can someone tell me how I might be able to have the List Component use more than one line (i.e. multiline / wordwrap) for a single entry. I have a limited amount of horizontal space and thus can not have it scroll horizontally indefinitely. Thanks for the assistance.