Re: upgrading, and modules

2001-03-29 Thread Nicholas Clark
and the real thing Nicholas Clark -- ENOJOB:

Re: Test

2001-04-04 Thread Nicholas Clark
clients may disagree :-) I have a non-broken client which copes with multipart/alternative and I still disagree. For a text message the text part carries all the information, and the HTML hanger on serves no purpose except to consume my disk space at 4 times the rate. Nicholas Clark -- ENOJOB

Re: Test from uuencode boy

2001-04-04 Thread Nicholas Clark
of disclaimer on it, wouldn't it be easier to obtain an address outside so that you can avoid having the disclaimer in the first place? Otherwise at least 17 lines of on-topic discussion per message is going to unacceptably increase the signal to noise on this list, I'd guess. Nicholas Clark

Re: Beginners Guide

2001-04-18 Thread Nicholas Clark
a TV either. But he didn't. I don't have a TV. But I'm currently camped out in my parents house, and they have 2. But I learn that they will both be obsolete in 5 years when we all the analogue TV transmitters are turned off. Is that relevant? :-) Nicholas Clark

Re: putting escape characters in files

2001-05-10 Thread Nicholas Clark
want. only ^Q? that's not like emacs :) If your terminal has flow control enabled it will eat ^Q and ^S for you. stty -ixon removes this problem. (Someone has a quote about the only safe thing to send down a serial line being a break, because emacs interprets every character) Nicholas Clark

p5p drinking games [ [PATCH 5.6.1] build bugs OS/2]

2001-05-19 Thread Nicholas Clark
drink extra for each that doesn't? [This is perhaps the hardest question] Nicholas Clark - Forwarded message from Ilya Zakharevich [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mailing-List: contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]; run by ezmlm Precedence: bulk list-help: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] list-unsubscribe: mailto:[EMAIL

Re: O'Reilly Safari - anyone use it?

2001-05-20 Thread Nicholas Clark
be shipping the DeCCS perl code around in .sigs rather than the perl RSA code, as the former seems to be much more successful at getting up people's noses these days. Nicholas Clark

Re: Grammar - Class creation

2001-05-29 Thread Nicholas Clark
groovy, yeah. I propose a new convention : we all shout 'CAMEL' if Leon uses the words qw/ baby groovy yeah/ in the same mail. .. this could be quite often. There doesn't appear to be any drinking involved in this new convention. Is this the new bit? Not sure if it will catch on. Nicholas Clark

Re: Upcoming technical meeting

2001-06-09 Thread Nicholas Clark
lightning talk had been accepted. I don't know anything further Nicholas Clark


2001-06-09 Thread Nicholas Clark
responsiblity for it as well... Are these e-mail addresses? If so, does it make it possible to forward all 4 denials in 1 message To: all four and ask for one joined up government answer? Nicholas Clark


2001-06-11 Thread Nicholas Clark
. Nicholas Clark

Re: Upcoming technical meeting

2001-06-12 Thread Nicholas Clark
it? I need a sacrifice to get this VT320 working. I think I can see where you're going wrong. It's the DEC god you should be making your sacrifices to. The Sun god will only help for Sparc 1s, 4/110s etc Nicholas Clark

Re: Training anyone ?

2001-06-13 Thread Nicholas Clark
picture of London Pride on it (IIRC) it is unlikely that I would have walked past it for even 1 day without noticing it. So I wonder if the cheeky buggers only put the posters up after the event. Nicholas Clark