Re: [MCN-L] Fundraising policies

2017-02-18 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Here is link to fundraising ethics...and then it is a matter of what the museum feels is ethical and appropriate. Len Steinbach On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 12:09 AM, Don Erwin wrote: > A volunteer member of

Re: [MCN-L] Website image cropping

2016-12-12 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Building a bit on what Matt is saying, maybe a bit more simply from a rights issue. 1) Even if a museums owns a work, it does not necessarily own copyright unless it was specifically conveyed in whole or part with purchase (or if loaned - and similarly the lender may not have copyright.) Whether

Re: [MCN-L] Tapping the MCN Brain Trust

2016-12-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
It would seem to me to be such a myriad of factors that one needs much more baseline data to make such an extrapolation, eg. increases in young people when school is not in session; are there persons who use the park as a pedestrian thoroughfare to/from work. Are there running trails where for

Re: [MCN-L] digital signatures on loan agreements

2015-08-20 Thread Leonard Steinbach
It is important to understand that many commercial transactions are guided (I the word governed is not quite correct) by the Unified Commercial Code which helps harmonize business practices across states. This article

Re: [MCN-L] MCN2015 proposals due by April 30!

2015-04-27 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Working on session proposal but do you have any great insight as to whether a not-uncommon extension is on the horizon. thanks len On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Eric Longo wrote: The deadline for submitting proposals for MCN2015 in Minneapolis in November 2015 is this

Re: [MCN-L] MCN2015 proposals due by April 30!

2015-04-27 Thread Leonard Steinbach
for getting feedback to submitters, we don't really have time to extend without cutting into our review time. Get it in on the 30th is my advice. Ed On Monday, April 27, 2015, Leonard Steinbach wrote: Working on session proposal but do you have any great insight

Re: [MCN-L] hit me with your tech-related acronyms!

2015-02-11 Thread Leonard Steinbach
There are the MPEG's JPEG's DPI RGB sRGB CMYK CIE and PANTONE color spaces and as most exhibiton planners probably know BMFD (Benjamin Moore Fan Deck) On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 9:51 AM, Bryan Kennedy wrote: Don't forget the media/show-control/computer interface side of things:

Re: [MCN-L] hit me with your tech-related acronyms!

2015-02-10 Thread Leonard Steinbach
For anyone interested in more ancient rodentiary-comic book entries In 1992 (pre-bowser) *Veronica* was a search engine for menu entries across servers using the Gopher protocol, a backronym

[MCN-L] Crowdfunding at MCN 2014

2014-11-10 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hello all, I will presenting: Big, Small, Create--Maybe It's Even More Fun if It's Crowd-funded (Thurs 330) at the MCN 2014 Conference next Thursday afternoon. I look forward to discussing many aspects of museum crowd-funding, and presenting many examples. I would really like to highlight

[MCN-L] Share your data and improve the MCN community

2014-07-24 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Trilce, This promises to be a very interesting set of research and a compelling session. You note that Research on the sustainability of digital heritage projects has shown that many technology projects fail to deliver the success they were hyped to bring while other projects yield little use.

[MCN-L] email archiving

2014-04-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Alongside the issue of email archiving is the issue of archiving email in a manner that would facilitate or at least minimize the problems/costs associated with searching, especially in response to a legal discovery action. I believe that Google Vault purports to help serve this function and

[MCN-L] Network and Applications Manager Position

2014-03-26 Thread Leonard Steinbach
The Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens is seeking a Network and Applications Manager. Hillwood (, in northwest Washington, D.C., is the former residence of Marjorie Merriweather Post. The Museum has taken significant strides over the past few years to fund and step up

[MCN-L] Research Project - Crowdsourcing for Museums

2013-12-08 Thread Leonard Steinbach
as well as the website Hope this helps. Leonard Steinbach On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 8:18 PM, Godfrey, Krista (2013) Krista.Godfrey.2013 at wrote: I

[MCN-L] Embedding LCD screens in new walls?

2013-09-16 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hello George, First off I am not sure I would use the answer I shouldnt, but I might -- the real answer, IMHO, is yes, I will, but I dont know when Perhaps an alternative is a screen with extremely small bezel, such as those which fall under Samsung's LFD (large format display) category. (There

[MCN-L] Online vs physical visits

2013-08-02 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Morgan, You just beat me to the send key on this one. ROI is measured by both highly tangible and more intangible results, such as fulfilling the mission irrespective of whether feet pass through the door. I noted this in reviewing a number of museum missions in advance of an MCN conference

[MCN-L] Digital Preservation - Video Formats

2013-07-14 Thread Leonard Steinbach
/mailman/listinfo/mcn-l The MCN-L archives can be found at: -- Living In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] FW: happy birthday Mosaic

2013-04-23 Thread Leonard Steinbach
In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] Wi-Fi / Cellular Connectivity Contractor

2013-04-06 Thread Leonard Steinbach
/mcn-l/ -- Living In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] MCN Pro Workshop 3: Social Media Engagement: Defining Measuring Success

2013-03-21 Thread Leonard Steinbach
archives can be found at: -- Living In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] New position posting: Technology Program Manager at the Denver Art Museum

2013-03-05 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] Inexpensive hosting for DMS

2013-01-23 Thread Leonard Steinbach
/mailman/listinfo/mcn-l The MCN-L archives can be found at: -- Living In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong Skype: leonard.steinbach 917 821 6207 852 9828 8174

[MCN-L] Civic Engagement in a Digital Age

2012-11-03 Thread Leonard Steinbach
of a forthcoming exhibition..what I like to call high tech and high touch. I think I have used my word limit here for the year! But I hope to hear from many of you, and that you will all benefit from any response thanks len -- Living In Hong Kong Leonard Steinbach Visiting Fellow, City

[MCN-L] QR codes

2011-03-09 Thread Leonard Steinbach
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has been getting tremendous press with their Picasso exhibition and QR Seb Chan had blogged on this a while ago

[MCN-L] Multilingual collection database

2011-02-03 Thread Leonard Steinbach
I believe, but not absolutely certain, that KeEmu supports Asian and other Character sets On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Gordy, John j-gordy at wrote: Hello everyone I have a question on behalf of the National Museum of Cambodia. They have approximately 17,000 objects, mostly

[MCN-L] Heading to Denver for MW2010? Got an iPhone?

2010-04-13 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Great! Looking forward to trying it...and running into you at MW On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 9:58 PM, Ben Rubinstein benr at wrote: If you can answer 'yes' to at least two of the above questions, you might want to take a look at this app, which lets you search papers and view them by

[MCN-L] Expanded MacArthur Digital Learning site

2009-09-15 Thread Leonard Steinbach
I thought to bring to your attention the newly expanded *Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning* web site and blog supported by the MacArthur Foundation. As they describe it: How is digital media affecting the way young people think, play, act, and learn?and what

[MCN-L] webcasting a conference presentation

2009-09-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Are you looking for both video of the speaker and simultaneous powerpoint/audio or just powerpoint and audio. On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 2:18 PM, Diane M. Zorich dianezorich at comcast.netwrote: Colleagues, One of the participants in my MCN session finds himself needing to be in two places at

[MCN-L] Mac vs. PC

2009-06-24 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Having managed support for mixed environments in moderate to large organizations, though predominantly PC, since the introduction of the Mac Plus, I would like to second Rich's thoughts and add a little. The primary concern should be user productivity and functional efficacy; most seeming

[MCN-L] Mac vs. PC

2009-06-24 Thread Leonard Steinbach
And I think the guys in certain IT departments should untie the not j On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 2:57 PM, Eisenhardt, Chuck eisenhardt at wrote: Ah, nothing like a good ol' 'Mac vs. PC' engagement. I agree entirely with Jeff's points here. To see an organizational preference for

[MCN-L] Programs targeting older persons

2008-12-09 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hello all, I would appreciate any information you may be aware of on museum programs (education, exhibition, other engagement) using telecommunications (web, distance learning,etc.) to target older audiences (e.g. 55+) who reside in retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing


2008-07-17 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Apologies for cross-posting The following position opening has been announced. *THE WALTERS ART MUSEUM, BALTIMORE, MD, SEEKS * *DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY* The Walters Art Museum is seeking to fill the position of Director of Information Technology to

[MCN-L] Organizational Question

2008-07-02 Thread Leonard Steinbach
While I dont disagree with the approaches discussed, it occurs to me that the most important step, the thoughtful analysis and prioritization of what is most important in terms of outcomes (and not features --- these should follow outcomes) has been leapfrogged. My preferred approach is to do a

[MCN-L] wikis in museums?

2008-06-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Please check out MN150 . On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 2:01 PM, j trant jtrant at wrote: there have been several threads about wikis on the list of the UK Museum Computer Group. See to search their

[MCN-L] webby

2008-05-07 Thread Leonard Steinbach
In case you missed it, the webby awards have been announced. Winners and nominees are at Great to see wonderful ideas expressed in the outside world. Take a look at TED's site for Best Visual Design - Functional and how items of interest

[MCN-L] FREE online/SL conference

2008-05-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hi folks, I pitched this conference a couple weeks ago and wanted to share this updated information since there will be some presence in SL as well as near-hi def video streaming and a couple technology superstars involved. IT IS FREE. I think the topics covered are of significant interest to

[MCN-L] FREE online/SL conference

2008-05-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
at wrote: They don't offer a streaming option that doesn't involve creating an avatar? Chad M Petrovay Collections Database Administrator P: 410.547.9000 x266 -Original Message- From: mcn-l-bounces at [mailto:mcn-l-bounces at] On Behalf Of Leonard Steinbach

[MCN-L] collaboration learning from higher ed

2008-04-22 Thread Leonard Steinbach
The higher education community has a lot of great knowledge and experience to share with the cultural community when it comes to new media and technology related collaboration, learning, scholarship, communications, open source software and other areas. That is one reason that I think it makes

[MCN-L] Google mail versus MS Exchange or others

2008-04-16 Thread Leonard Steinbach
I have been strongly urging cultural institutions, especially those with minimal or overworked, overstretched technology staffs to give serious consideration to moving to G-mail under their education/non-profit organization program. Many colleges/universities have been going, or are considering

[MCN-L] Google mail versus MS Exchange or others

2008-04-16 Thread Leonard Steinbach
. Chuck Patch On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 10:43 AM, Leonard Steinbach lensteinbach at wrote: I have been strongly urging cultural institutions, especially those with minimal or overworked, overstretched technology staffs to give serious consideration to moving to G-mail under

[MCN-L] Fwd: NMC announces Open Virtual Worlds project with Sun Microsytems

2008-02-26 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Officer ___ The New Media Consortium sparking innovative learning and creativity 6101 West Courtyard Drive Building One, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78730 tel 512 445-4200 fax 512 445-4205 email johnson at web * -- Leonard Steinbach Resident Scholar

[MCN-L] Web count-down clock examples?

2008-02-21 Thread Leonard Steinbach
: -- Leonard Steinbach Resident Scholar, Museum Programs New Media Consortium

[MCN-L] Fwd: New Media Exhibit Opens Feb. 5

2008-02-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hello all, I know that many of us have long standing interested in new media production and accessibility by persons of disabilities. I was not previously aware of the work specifically identified as produced by persons with disabilities and referred to below. len steinbach --

[MCN-L] Webcasting

2008-01-25 Thread Leonard Steinbach
a tutorial, but I've blogged with some images and diagrams, the setup we use at NMC for live audio streaming - Show quoted text - On Jan 25, 2008, at 7:57 AM, Leonard Steinbach wrote: Hello Alan The message below just came across the MCN

[MCN-L] Server Room/Museum Environmental Monitoring

2008-01-09 Thread Leonard Steinbach
While Rich's comments have a great deal of merit there has also been a great deal of evolution in Building Automation Systems. To a great extent they are communicating on IP networks allowing better, more flexible monitoring and control, and to the extent that they can run on common cabling

[MCN-L] IP SIG: Spam v. Spam

2007-12-03 Thread Leonard Steinbach
infringement? But if you're currently doing an in-depth enquiry into sampling, fan fiction, and mashups, have a look at . Research-related, of course. AK - Original Message - From: Leonard Steinbach lensteinbach at To: Museum Computer

[MCN-L] IP SIG: Spam v. Spam

2007-12-02 Thread Leonard Steinbach
and here's more proof On Dec 2, 2007 9:08 AM, Amalyah Keshet akeshet at wrote: Finally, a scrap of evidence that sanity is still alive and well:

[MCN-L] cultural diplomacy

2007-11-13 Thread Leonard Steinbach
I have been long interested in how web or other technology based collaborations are a form of cultural diplomacy, which for the moment I will simply define as fostering better understandings among peoples based on the sharing of art and culture. For example, FRAME fosters

[MCN-L] Website workflow

2007-07-27 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Perian, I know that this may not exactly be the type of answer you are looking for, but before deciding on the workflow, and what seems to be the internal ownership of the website, you way want to be clear on what i believe are two important questions: Who are the most significant stakeholders

broadband and museum

2005-01-12 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Hello folks As I continue to work on my paper on broadband and museums for MW2005, I would appreciate any references anyone could provide to any museums using broadband in any meaningful way. In addition to use in streaming video, which I am certainly interested in, I would also like to

Re: Confidentiality Statement

2004-10-12 Thread Leonard Steinbach
I find that many vendor contracts include confidentiality clauses which I then find myself broadening...e.g. info available to all staff who have reasonable interest in knowledge, etc. I rarely sign non-disclosure agreements unless I am really being shown something very hush-hush and of

vp debate

2004-10-03 Thread Leonard Steinbach
In case you are planning to watch the VP debate on Tuesday, I thought I would let you know the CNN is broadcasting from The Cleveland Museum of Art. --- You are currently subscribed to mcn_mcn-l as: To unsubscribe send a blank email to

Re: Museums and Humanities Cyberinfrastructure

2004-06-16 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Vice-President, American Council of Learned Societies Senior Editor: Abby Smith Director of Programs Council on Library and Information Resources Washington, DC David On Jun 16, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Leonard Steinbach wrote: David, Thank you for raising promulgating

Re: Job Title

2003-11-18 Thread Leonard Steinbach
New Meda Manager. len -Original Message-From: J.Bermudez []Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 7:10 PMTo: mcn_mc...@listserver.americaneagle.comSubject: Job TitleDear Colleagues:If I may borrow a moment of your time, I'd greatly

REMINDER TODAY ONLINE AT 3PM EST Important New Resource for Museum Community

2003-11-13 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Project Director Leonard Steinbach, Chief Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art Others The Digital Promise is a proposal to establish a major educational trust fund that will help transform education, training and lifelong learning to meet the needs of the nation's new knowledge-based


2003-06-06 Thread Leonard Steinbach
MUSEUMS AND DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: A DIALOG WITH A MANUFACTURER Presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art and Museum Computer Network(MCN) Open toparticipation in person or by conference call Thursday, June 19, 2003 Noon - 5pm EDT Participate by Conference Call-In 3pm Email

READ: Museum Technology Fed Funding deadline

2003-03-20 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Friends and Colleagues: Museums constantly lament the lack of funding for creating and deploying innovative technology projects. But here is an almost always overlooked excellent mechanism for realizing a creative idea for the use of technology, which includes hardware, software, training,

Web portal job at aam

2002-10-21 Thread Leonard Steinbach
A while back AAM issued guidelines to museums regarding providing publicly accessible information about objectswhose provenance during the Nazi-era may prove useful to persons researching the current whereabouts of certain objects. At that time, AAM also decided that it would be in the

Fwd: Questionnaire on on-line museum discussion forums

2002-08-04 Thread Leonard Steinbach
list; WEBHEAD-L mailing list Cc: Leonard Steinbach; Chuck Patch; David Bearman; Jennifer Trant; Jim Hemsley; Jim Angus; Neil Schwartz Subject: Questionnaire on on-line museum discussion forums An International Online Museum Forums Survey in English (and soon French) is currently evaluating the needs

Fwd: Program and Registration No Strings Attached Confer

2002-04-16 Thread Leonard Steinbach
Sorry if you've seen this before, and if you are coming to it you are morally, ethically, and otherwise obliged to let me know, say helloand visit the Cleveland Museum of Art! JOIN OVER 200 Registrants!PLEASE X-POST as appropriate.NO STRINGS ATTACHED: A National and Virtual Conference and

Fwd: [cimi-membership] New Architect magazine: March New

2002-03-01 Thread Leonard Steinbach
of interest -Original Message- From: John Perkins [] Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 3:36 PM To: CIMI Membership Discussion List Cc:; Subject: [cimi-membership] New Architect magazine: March