Re: [zones-discuss] How to configure Global/Local zone in seperatesubnet and use seperate router

2008-03-06 Thread Moore, Joe
(Adding networking-discuss in the hopes of actually finding an answer) Mike Gerdts wrote: Is there a good reference for all of the nifty things you can do on Solaris networking (IPMP, aggregation, VLAN tagging, etc.) and the corresponding configuration guidelines for popular networking gear?

[zones-discuss] Zones + LiveUpgrade + SVM = cpio

2008-03-26 Thread Moore, Joe
I'm seeing some odd behavior when I'm trying to upgrade my Solaris 10u4 (sparc) system. I have SVM configured with a mirrored root (d0) and /zoneroot (d3) filesystems: d0 -m d10 d20 d10 1 1 c1t0d0s0 d20 1 1 c1t1d0s0 d3 -m d13 d23 d13 1 1 c1t0d0s3 d23 1 1 c1t1d0s3 There's a sparse zone with

Re: [zones-discuss] zlogin and locales

2008-04-02 Thread Moore, Joe
Steve Lawrence wrote: Looks like the environment contained in /etc/default/init is read and set by startd and init. Since zlogin'ed processes are not child of startd or init in the zone, they do not have these environment settings. Given brands, to fix this, we would need to add a hook

Re: [zones-discuss] Confirming Zone running Container

2008-10-02 Thread Moore, Joe
Mike Gerdts wrote: 1. Let's pretend that a zone is a virtual machine. I could make the same argument using longer sentences if that makes someone happy. 2. For example, if you know all global zones are on the subnet, the following will give you a pretty good clue. Other zones

Re: [zones-discuss] Confirming Zone running Container

2008-10-02 Thread Moore, Joe
Nicolas Dorfsman wrote: Personally, we've defined a DNS alias for zonename-vh to point to the global zone for each of our local zones. That way we can `ssh www-zh zoneadm -z www reboot` easily. Interesting. Why don't ssh to the non-global ? `ssh www init 6` That assumes several things

Re: [zones-discuss] Moving zones between different sparc architecture

2009-02-16 Thread Moore, Joe
Octave Orgeron wrote: Ben Rockwood wrote: wrote: Hello, It is supported to move zones from a sun4u to a sun4v or vice-versa ? I'm not certain if its supported, but it does work. This should work fine for zones, but I would recommend installing a full oem

Re: [zones-discuss] Parallel mount question

2009-06-30 Thread Moore, Joe
William Roche wrote: Now about the automounter, I share Nico's point of view, but as far as I know nothing like that already exist, and No, the automounter or a mount request isn't 'clever' enough (or customized enough) yet to handle NFS data shared by the global zone and translate the mount

Re: [zones-discuss] Using zones for simple usage

2009-07-22 Thread Moore, Joe
Jeff Victor wrote: Seriously, it would be helpful for Sun to understand the advantages of a release that doesn't have a GUI as an option. In other words, what problems are caused by the existence of the GUI software (besides wasted disk space)? Instead of a separate distro, perhaps it would