Jeff Victor wrote:
> Seriously, it would be helpful for Sun to understand the advantages of
> a release that doesn't have a GUI as an option. In other words, what
> problems are caused by the existence of the GUI software (besides
> wasted disk space)?
> Instead of a separate distro, perhaps it would be simpler for
> everybody if there was a "no-GUI server" installation option that
> simply doesn't install the GUI tools. Would that meet your needs?

Especially if you consider how much hardware Sun ships that doesn't have a 
graphics terminal (or graphics card) in it.  Specifically all of the SPARC 

After all, who needs a monitor when you have RS232?

On the other hand, by not doing the "Everything and the Kitchen Sink" cluster, 
don't you run the risk of unexpected and unsupported dependancies between 
programs.  (For example scripts that need ksh93 broke if you didn't install 

But this is fairly far from the Zones-discuss topic.

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