Hi John,
    Steve Winslow <swins...@linuxfoundation.org> writes:
    > Hello all,
    > I've been working on a few pages on the SPDX website on why and how to use
    > SPDX short-form IDs. This is intended to be developer-focused, usable by
    > someone who isn't otherwise familiar with SPDX, to get them to start
    > putting SPDX identifiers in their source code.
    > The first cut at this is now available at 
 There are a
    > few "read more..." pages linked from that URL. These pages are visible but
    > not yet linked from the rest of the site.
    I can't find the previous links now, but I thought the previous "how to
    use SPDX identifiers" page on the site recommended keeping the
    file-level boilerplate text for, for example, the GPL, and included
    examples along those lines.

Yes, and it still does - the page you are thinking of is Appendix V to the Spec 
(which you can go directly to via this link: 
https://spdx.org/spdx-specification-21-web-version#h.twlc0ztnng3b )
Which is the main source of explaining the use of SPDX identifiers in source 
Notably, in the second paragraph in Appendix V, it states:

        To the extent that a source file contains existing copyright and 
license information,  it is the SPDX project’s         recommendation that SPDX 
short identifiers be used to supplement,  not replace that information.   When 
there is a      standard header provided by the license author, it is 
recommended to use such standard header (alone or in      combination with the 
SPDX short identifier).

I think what Steve is doing here is trying to take that more formal advice and 
create some more "user-friendly" guides for the website.  

(also removing my arm.com address from thread, so I stop getting this in two 
places __


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