I’m referencing the 2013 Edition of 13D.  


1.2.2 A sprinkler system shall be designed and installed in accordance with 
this standard to prevent flashover (total involvement) in the room of the fire 
origin, where sprinklered, and to improve the chance for occupants to escape or 
be evacuated.  

8.3.1 Sprinklers shall be installed in all areas except where omission is 
permitted by 8.3.2 through 8.3.8.

8.3.4 Sprinklers shall not be required in garages, open attached porches, 
carports, or similar structures.  

8.3.5 Sprinklers shall not be required in attics with or without storage…

8.3.6 Sprinklers shall not be required in covered, unheated projections of the 
building at entrances/ exits as long as the dwelling unit has other means of 

8.3.8 Sprinklers shall not be required in closets in garages and exterior 
closets (regardless of size) located on exterior balconies, exterior 
breezeways/ corridors, or accessed from outdoors where the closet does not have 
unprotected penetrations directly into the unit.  


IMHO, I would ask myself the following:

If you called that a “storage closet” as opposed to “storage” would that change 
your opinion?

Are the holiday decorations and unused exercise bikes in the storage room more 
of a hazard than the parked cars?

Do you have to egress through the garage to escape or be evacuated? 


I say that the language excluding coverage of certain areas of the building is 
trying to be fairly clear that in 13D situations you are protecting the 
occupied areas of the building only.  When you look at the exclusions as a 
whole, protection is not required.  When I put a budget number on an eerily 
similar building earlier this week I excluded the garage level, including what 
was labeled “Unit 1 Storage” and “Unit 2 Storage”. I did have a sprinkler at 
the bottom of the stair landing or vestibule.  In the 13R option for the 
budget, I included protection in the garage area and closets.  


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Ok someone help me make an argument that this is not a 13D installation. This 
is the garage level of a two family home. However, the units are stacked on top 
of each other. Both units share a single lead-in (also shared with domestic). 
13D 2010 is pretty clear that garages are not sprinklered. Code analysis page 
references NFPA 13 and not 13D. Sprinkler “engineered” page calls for 13D and 
shows no floor control on the garage level. (I think at a minimum the storage 
rooms need sprinklers as the garage exception is just for the garage)


What say you smart people?



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