You may also want to look at the Victaulic LP-46 (model V4603).  It has a 25.2 
K-Factor although it does have specific guidelines on how and when it can be 
used, but it may fit your needs.

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Most of the responses do not seem to have answered your question if you are 
specifically looking for an upright ESFR sprinkler.

To my knowledge, the K17 Tyco TY7126 is the biggest upright ESFR unless you go 
Extended Coverage K25: TY9128 and Viking VK595.
If you can go standard response (CMSA) then there are more choices. K17: 
TY7153, TY7151, VK580 and Reliable RA1124.  Then K25 VK598 and Victaulic V4603.

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Subject: Help Finding ESFR upright greater than K17

Good morning all.  I am looking for an expert in ESFR sprinkler heads to help 
me find a ESFR upright head with at least a K factor 17(not 16.8).  There does 
not seem to be other companies that make these ESFR other Tyco. Please let me 
know.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Polke

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