> Does anyone have any benchmarks to share that compare common SQLite
> operations running under a 32 and 64 bit versions of SQLite? This
> question is OS neutral so please feel to share your experience with 32
> and 64 bit versions of Windows or Linux.
> Background: Will 64 bit versions of SQLite buy us any significant
> difference in performance? I may have a chance to get our department 64
> bit AMD workstations with 8G, but I need to justify the extra cost
> against a reasonable guess at what the performance improvement may be
> against an equivalent 32 bit AMD 4G workstation. These workstations will
> be processing very large text based log files (> 16G each). We will be
> using Python 2.52 as our SQLite scripting tool.

Given the potential expense, wouldn't it be justifiable to invest in a 
single test machine to benchmark the operations?

John Elrick
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