digimaster wrote: 
> Oke nice that it seems to work now.
> Which version do you use now.
> And yes maybe there was some thing wrong in the nightly build, we have
> to keep in mind its a nightly build so for testing only.
> But a strange thing you write thats kill -9 give you a error, this
> should work if you put a pidnumber from a running program behind it.
> kill -9 and kill -15 are used by the init-script to stop any process to
> stop the services.
> The best version to uses is v1.07.1 which is now availble in the
> qnapclub appstore.
> Regarding the perl path, thats correct as perl is symlinked to /usr/bin
> but resist in /usr/local/perl/bin.
> And the only thing i can think of could give you trouble, if a strange
> sudo or renice command is installed.
> Or you're sh/bash shell is a old version.
> But this should not be the case, still think some thing on you're Qnap
> is wrong, which has to do with when you tried to solve the spotty error
> with ssots/ssods.

[ kill -9 17982 ] works, must have been that the later part in your
command gave nothing, so [ kill -9 ] gives error...

Didn't know about qnapclub, however after signing up and adding the repo
I can't see QLMS in my appcenter section for qnapcub. When trying to
download form the web page I get file not found...

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