digimaster wrote: 
> Very strange behavior, but what i read out off all the logs is, that
> there already is a copy off LMS running.
> And it can be started twice, with out errors.
> [ FATAL: There is already another copy of the Logitech Media Server
> running on this machine. (Address already in use)]
> So before you start QLogitechMediaServer, be sure no other copy is
> running.
> Do [ kill -9 $(ps | grep [L]ogitechMediaServer | awk '{ print $1}') ],
> before any thing to be sure that no copy is running.
> And then check it by [ echo $(ps | grep [L]ogitechMediaServer | awk '{
> print $1}') ], where is should give a empty line.
> Very strange that you're systems keep give QLogitechMediaServer error on
> startup.
> I think some has happend with you're QNap QTS while you where trying to
> make spotty work.
> Or there is something interfering with commands like ps, awk, grep and
> chown or chmod.

I will try to get time to instal the previous version head it 1.0.6f,
I’m almost sure that version didn’t not suffer from double start.

I will doublecheck tomorrow, but ps | grep [L]ogitechMediaServer did
report nothing but slimserver.pl was running.

Log states that LMS is started twice, then there is an error that LMS is
already running, which is an effect of that LMS is started twice.

What about the path to Perl I mentioned, was that correct?

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