11/22/2002 1:14:45 PM, micael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I have settled on Struts as my application framework, assuming 
>that there will continue to major shifts in the future (like the 
>shift to 1.1 has been, which I like).  However, I have not
>decided on the scripting language, if that is what you want to 
>call it, viz. JSP vs. Velocity or some other choice.  At the risk 
>of engendering the passions of the committed, does anyone know an 
>especially reliable guide to the pros and 
>cons of the various choices?

The best thing is to just try the alternate approaches and decide 
for yourself. 

Personally, I would agree with the other postings: the "pro" of 
JSP is that a lot of people already use it. =:0)

Otherwise, in a MVC/Model 2 application, the two are technically 
equivalent. It's really not about which works best, it's about 
which works best for you. 

There's an simple "register" application at SourceForge that shows 
a couple of JSP and Velocity pages side-by-side. 


Here's more sophisticated application that I'm working on now:


No business logic yet, but you can see how things work.


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