DoctorBill wrote:
I just received an E-Mail (typical forwarded message about Kennedy and Lincoln similarities...)that has large text and Photographs intermingled.

I tried to highlight it all and ctrl-C it and paste it (ctrl-V) into WORD, but the photos didn't carry over.

I tried saving as an eml - nope.

I tried as an html - no pictures transferred, just the words with boxes for the photos which were not there.

How can I save a received E-mail message in toto as a file with photos embedded where they were in the text?

Once I have it saved - how do I then use it - maybe put it into another E-Mail.

Obviously I can use Forward - I don't want to do that - I want to save the thing.


A reply to both Peter and Jens.....

First - yes I can save each photo individually. But the E-Mail contains many and I want a way to save the message in toto w/o having to play editor!

Second - looks like, from Jens reply, that there is not a way to do this w/o complex machinations involved.


I can "select" and copy (ctrl-C) text and photos off of a web site and then paste (ctrl-V) them into WORD and get everything (Text and Pics) - why not out of an E-Mail...?

It would be nice - in the next version of SeaMonkey, to be able to copy an E-Mail entirely - text and pics - to save for use later.

Then be able to 'Paste' it into a composition (add to or subtract from) and send it. HINT....

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