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Ant wrote:
... does that mean SeaMonkey won't be getting any more updates either
and we have to wait for v2.0 final release?
Not sure if Seamonkey 1.1.x will not get any more update, but I've been
using 2.0a3pre nighties for more than 6 months in prod now (both Linux
and WinXP, 6 mails accounts (POP and IMAP), RSS and news....
All works fine, apart a pair of regressions bugs, very quickly corrected...
I find the nightly / 2.0alpha a very high quality !
Congratulations to the team !
Bottom line: you can very seriously consider the switch, and an official
2.0a3 is not too far !!!

Dominique (happy Seamonkey user...)

Yeah, me too: I've been "testing" Sm2 (in real-life conditions) ever since it was available for Linux, and I've never been tempted to go back to Sm1. Of the various improvements, the add-ons manager is the most visible one; just for that I would never go back.

Of course, it's still an alpha build, so every user uses it at his own risk, the usual disclaimer is in order: it may crash your hard drive, beat your dog to death, put your house on fire and elope with your spouse. No complaints accepted, no reimbursements given out.

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