On 12/30/2008 07:26 AM, dominique wrote:
> Ant wrote:
>> ... does that mean SeaMonkey won't be getting any more updates either
>> and we have to wait for v2.0 final release?
> Not sure if Seamonkey 1.1.x will not get any more update, but I've 
> been using 2.0a3pre nighties for more than 6 months in prod now (both 
> Linux and WinXP, 6 mails accounts (POP and IMAP), RSS and news....
> All works fine, apart a pair of regressions bugs, very quickly 
> corrected...
> I find the nightly / 2.0alpha a very high quality !
> Congratulations to the team !
> Bottom line: you can very seriously consider the switch, and an 
> official 2.0a3 is not too far !!!
> Dominique (happy Seamonkey user...)

I quite like SM2 as well. However on linux I still have a few issues.

I'm not so sure how "very quickly corrected" these are:

1. New Message notification is not working (at least for POP3 accounts).
This requires that you manually check for new messages - see:


This is a showstopper.

2. Flash w/full screen crashes. See the thread "[Linux] SM 2.0a3pre -
Full screen mode  Flash Crashes SM" in the mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey
group. I'll try to file a bug later tonight or tomorrow.

3. Multiple master password prompts. See:


4. Command line startup commands are no longer started by the order in
which they are entered, example: 'seamonkey -mail -browser' no longer
opens the mail window first and then the browser window. See:


[Bug 457497 -  SM 2.0a1 does not follow commandline preferences]
This _is_ an issue that, while an irritant, does have implications for
commercial environments/setups that use 'seamonkey -mail -browser' to
open their SeaMonkey suite.
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